11 Joint Pain Myths I Wish I Knew Earlier

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There are many myths that surround joint pain. Many of them have been passed down through word of mouth and family members. But if you have joint pain you need to know the science behind your pain. Keep reading as we debunk common myths about joint pain!

Joint Pain

  1. Exercise is bad for the joints

Many people think that if you have joint pain you should lessen the amount of exercise that you perform. This not only wrong, but avoiding exercise can actually make your joint pain worse! Regular activity is crucial for those who have aching joints. Not using them only makes the problem more severe.

  1. There is no way to alleviate joint pain

Many people believe that there is no way to lessen or alleviate joint pain. That once it begins, it is something that you just have to suffer through. However, there are many things that you can do to lessen the severity of joint pain.

  1. Popping your joints causes joint pain

It may sound silly but many people think that popping your knuckles and hands can cause joint pain and inflammation. While it may make a very annoying sound, this will not cause you to have joint pain.

  1. Natural remedies are not effective for joint pain

Some people do not think that supplements made from natural ingredients are effective for strengthening the joints and helping to relieve joint pain. Although it does depend on what brand or natural ingredients you are using, holistic supplements can be very effective. Flexsure is a natural and vegan option for relieving joint pain. It contains powerful Hyaluronan, which helps to make the movement of the joints easy and pain free by providing lubrication to the joints.

  1. Warm weather is good for joint pain

Although many people swear that increased humidity can help and even prevent people from having joint pain there is no science to back this up. Even if you live in the most humid part of the world, you can still have joint pain.

  1. Cold weather causes joint pain

This is probably the most popular myth surrounding joint pain. You’ve probably heard someone say that the cold causes joint pain. However, although this rationale has been around for years, there is no hard scientific evidence to uphold it.

  1. Rain worsens joint pain

Much like the myth that cold weather causes joint pain; many people say that rain causes their joint pain to worsen. There have been many individuals who have sworn that their pain is dramatically more serve on rainy days. But as with the claims that tie cold weather to joint pain there is no evidence to uphold this claim.

  1. All joint pain is caused by arthritis

Although arthritis is a very common disorder not all joint pain types is caused by arthritis. Many people just end up jumping to conclusions. You may have arthritis, but you may not. You should consult your doctor and avoid self-diagnosing.

  1. Joint pain is inevitable with old age

Though joint pain can worsen and manifest as you age. It is not necessarily ubiquitous with age. You can develop it as you get older and your body becomes weaker, but it is not true that you will definitely develop joint pain as you age.

  1. Weight is not a factor

Although weight is not always the sole cause of joint pain, it can make joint pain worse. If you are obese your body and joints are carrying more weight than they were designed for and the stress can cause joint pain.

  1. Nightshade vegetables can cure arthritis

Over the years many people have claimed that nightshade vegetables can cure arthritis and joint pain. They include vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and many seeds and berries. Although they are good for general health, there is no scientific evidence that these vegetables can cure arthritis.

In conclusion

Hopefully you’ve learned a few things about joint pain as well as debunked a few joint pain myths that you may have picked up through the years. Many times old wives tales are just that, tales. Before putting any stock into remedies for joint pain you should do your research. Make sure that there is science to back it up.




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