11 Things You Should Ask To Your Landlord before Renting a House

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When looking forward to renting out an apartment, it is more likely that you would think about the end-game rather than the process. However, before you have decided what colors would be the wall, and before signing on the lease for the apartment, it is important to ask these questions to the property owner.

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  1. Coloring the walls

The answer to this question may be assumed to be positive, but you may be wrong. When moving in as a paying guest in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai you might think that its your room, so your rules but the landlord may have some inhibitions for the same. Some landlord may have a clause stated in their contract that may need you to ask for their permission before painting or decorating the walls.

As a rule, ask your landlord before signing the lease if you want the walls to be painted in some color of your choice. Also, ensure that when walking through the apartment before booking, notes for wall marks and scuffs are noted so that the landlord does not blame them on you later.

  1. Is a pet allowed?

Most landlords would not allow any dogs or cats, some may allow small fish tank or birds. However, check with the policies of the landlord about pets and also visiting pets.

  1. Sleepovers

It may be a common thing that guests who are late in leaving may crash over at your place. If staying as a paying guest in Mumbai, some landlords may have a problem to it. Furthermore, if the guests are loud and noisy and there are complaints from the neighbors, the landlords may even raise an objection later.

  1. Exit policies

Most of the time, the contract is for 11 months. However, the contract should also have an exit policy if needed be. Ensure to talk to the landlord about exiting before the end of the contract and also about extension if needed be.

  1. Quiet hours and other rules

All apartments would have their own set of rules. Ensure to know about them and preferably agree to them in writing from the landlord.

  1. Roommate clauses

Most of the paying guests would have their own set of clauses for roommates. Read them through before agreeing to them.

  1. Parking space

Know whether the apartment would come with a parking space and whether the rent is included or not.

  1. Costs of moving in

Payment of deposits and rent is not enough. Sometimes the apartments even if you are moving in as a paying guest in Mumbai, sometimes there are other costs which are also involved. For example, there would be a maintenance fee or application fee. Sometimes utilities like gas and electricity may not be covered in the rent. It is best to get these clarified from the landlord.

  1. Rules for garbage, etc.

Most localities would have their own rules for garbage, outdoor spaces and recycling. Know about them and also be sure to know about what to do if something goes amiss.

  1. Something wrong in the apartment

Know about whom to approach if there is something wrong in the apartment. In most cases, the landlord may not be staying there and the maintenance man needs to be called for. Have their contact details ready in case.

  1. Is there any need for any co-signer?

Sometimes the landlord may request for a cosigner on your behalf when signing the contract. If there is no such co-signer it is best to be upfront about it and inform the landlord of the situation. Sometimes the broker may also co-sign a document if needed be.

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