29 Things You’d Rather Be Doing Than Writing an Essay Now

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Many individuals do not normally like the idea of sitting down and writing essays. They see this as a very difficult task. Students do not also like this idea since they find essay writing process to be very cumbersome and tiresome. Due to this, there are many things that one can easily do instead of just writing essays.

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The following are 29 things that an individual can perfectly and easily do instead of essay writing:

  • Giving the landlord a foot massage may be the first thing that an individual should do instead of writing an essay.
  • Listening to Justin Bieber’s concert which may even take four hours can be a very enjoyable moment especially to children and youths.
  • Youths may also prefer doing yoga with people who are 60 years old and above. They can really enjoy this moment instead of just sitting down and writing essays which is a quite tiresome process.
  • Many children and youths also prefer to babysit gorillas
  • You may also decide and keep yourself busy from writing essays by deciding on alphabetizing all books present in your college library. This is an activity that can keep one very busy especially youths and children.
  • Taking lunch that has been made from broccoli that is raw
  • Being an actor out of a scene which is mainly from Twilight in the eyes of the general public
  • Putting on your grandmother’s or grandfather’s pyjamas
  • Deciding on remaining homeless for some period of time
  • Waiting for a video to download from YouTube
  • Deciding on helping by being a shop assistant at any Black Friday shops
  • Visiting a dentist for a tooth check up
  • Taking some pre-schoolers for a trip especially by the roadside. The number may be 25 and above. The pre-schoolers can be taught on how to play bridge
  • Visiting Kentucky for a summer vacation at your aunt’s place
  • Phoning your ex and having small talks with him/her can also be a thing that one can do instead of writing an essay
  • Talking to your parents on how you are going with yours studies.
  • Reading a novel
  • Trying to read the whole of Webster’s dictionary in a very loud voice ( this seems crazy)
  • Wearing a hair style that was being done in the 1990s
  • Doing clean-ups on a refrigerator that is full of food left overs which has been stored for the last two weeks
  • Playing with your pet
  • Drinking beer that is hot
  • Finishing sandwich that has been eaten halfway from a trash can
  • Cleaning your grandma’s or grandpa’s closet
  • Painting toe nails of a stranger
  • Making a list of very many things that one can enjoy doing instead of writing essays (this can be really fun)
  • Binge-watching worse movies from IMDB’s
  • Taking a walk down the hills
  • Playing with other mates


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The author of this article is Molly Williams. She is the current HOD of department of psychology in one of the universities in the US and she works for providing Affordable Assignment Help to students of school, colleges and Universities.

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