3 Ideas To Stay Warm In The Changing Seasons

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The seasons are changing and fall and winter are fast approaching. While spring and summer usually provide us with sun and beautiful weather, fall and winter make it a bit more challenging to stay warm. Luckily there are ways to make sure you stay warm through all the changing seasons of the year. Below are three ideas that should help you curb the cold.

Stay Warm In The Changing Seasons

Head to Toe Warmth

Knitted caps and socks are often seen during the fall and winter months, and for good reason. More than just a fashion statement, keeping the head and feet warm is of utmost importance. In fact, humans lose the majority of their body heat through the head and feet. Because of this, going without a head covering when you are outside, and even the absence of socks when you are indoors, can cause you to become quite cold. Bundle up at both ends and you’ll be much warmer, and be able to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time.

That’s a Wrap

While it might seem like common sense to wrap up in a blanket during the cold months of the year, the reasoning behind it might be less obvious. Of course the blanket itself is warm and having any additional covering is always going to help; however, the way you wrap yourself in a blanket is actually what provides the most heat. If you simply lay the blanket over your lap or drape it loosely around your shoulders, you will likely be warmer than if you had nothing over you, but you won’t be as warm as possible. Instead, wrap the blanket all the way around you in a cocoon-like manner and you will essentially be trapping your body heat. Over time, the body heat you produce will be trapped in the blanket cocoon and keep you warm indefinitely.

Whirlpool Winter Wonderland

Custom Jacuzzi spas are a wonderful addition to your home because they keep you warm all year long. Summer nights aren’t always hot, spring nights can be chilly, and fall and winter are almost always cold, but a Jacuzzi is always warm. Regardless of the temperature outdoors, you can count on a hot tub to keep you nice and warm. Whether you simply relax and enjoy the surroundings or read a book, spas are a wonderful way to stay warm. Install them under a canopy or on a covered patio and you can even enjoy the rain outdoors while staying perfectly warm.

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