3 Major Divisions of Probation Services

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The demise of a near and dear one can lead to a scurry of events. Informing others, issuing death certificate, arranging a funeral ceremony— there is a lot to do. Moreover, grief often tends to occupy so much of the mind that people let go of many practical concerns that are very important to address after the demise of someone.

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What are Probation Services?

Probation services are certain officially authorized steps for fulfilling the wishes and wills of the one deceased. No matter how much grief-stricken you are, it is important to deal with the financial affairs of the deceased person, his money, his property and other material possessions. The Will is of central significance in this regard. Generally, a solicitor deals with the existing debts of the deceased and arranges all the legal formalities that are required for transferring all the money and property from the deceased to his next closest kin. Obviously, legal permission is required for any person to apply for probation. He/she is chosen according to the Last Will and Testament of the deceased.

Probation is basically considered to be a part of the Family Division of the High Court. It is employed only when the will is fairly straightforward and there is no dispute of any sort around it.

Divisions of Probation Services

Probation is a fairly broad field. So for convenience, it has been divided into several areas of focus—

  • Principle Registry of London
  • 11 other district Probation Registries
  • 18 Probation Sub-registries situated around England and Wales. These sub-registries have the power of issuing grants of representation for conferring power of attorney rights to a person who would then oversee property and possessions of the deceased.

These grants may further be divided into the following categories—

–          Administration letters in case of the absence of a valid Will of the deceased.

–          Probation in case an executor is acting as normal.

–          Administrative letters along with a valid will in case no executor has been selected.

Functions of Probation

The probate often helps in getting hold of second copy of the Will in case no other record or document is made. This happens mostly when the estate of the deceased is a particularly small one. In such cases there is generally no legal or public record of a grant being issued on the national index called the Probate Calendar. But whatever the case may be, if you go for the proper probation services, in all probability, you will be handed over a complete record of the grant of representation irrespective whether a legal Will is available or not. All such records are maintained in London’s Principle Registry.

Steel Rose and Co.

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They provide a photocopy of the will upon return. They also provide cards advising executors about the location of the will. They also offer an envelope containing not just Steel Rose contact details but also about the course of action when a will is revoked or re-written.

If you are still hesitating, don’t. Steel Rose and Co. has a much lower fee rate than most other Legal Service Providers offering comparative service.

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