3 Must-See Cinematic Moments Taking Place In Cars

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Some of the greatest scenes in cinematic history have taken place in automobiles — in fact, motion pictures and the internal combustion engine were both invented in the late nineteenth century and have grown up together over the past 130 years or so. One of the first hit movies was The Great Train Robbery, most of Birth of a Nation took place on horseback, but make no mistake: cars are the preferred method of travel in the following awesome cinematic moments. From Houston trailer towing drivers to Miami taxi operators, everybody loves movie scenes set inside cars.

Car Scenes in Your Favorite Movies

“Just take this pen, please…”

In the 1986 romance Say Anything, when Diane (Ione Skye) follows her hard-hearted father’s advice and gives Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) a pen as a break-up gift while sitting in his car, they are technically alone, but the shadow of her father is there with them. Their conversation is a farewell moment, and the pen says everything: it means she is giving in and won’t continue their relationship. And when he can hardly accept it, she is able to get out of the car, close the door, and go inside, leaving Lloyd sitting uselessly inside. It’s the kind of end to a scene possible only in the confines of a car.

“I’ve always loved you.”

Although it takes place at the very end of the climactic chase in 1980’s The Blues Brothers, a totally unexpected revelation occurs as the car driven by the Illinois Nazi duo Gruppenfuehrer (Eugene J. Anthony) and Head Nazi (Henry Gibson) goes sailing off the edge of a construction scaffolding and plummets toward the ground. The Gruppenfuehrer turns to the Head Nazi and says, “I’ve always loved you.” The Head Nazi’s expression says it all.

“I can’t take you to a hospital.”

SPOILER ALERT for this one. In Reservoir Dogs, Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) drives Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) back to the warehouse rendezvous after his friend Orange has been shot in the belly. We know that Orange is a mole for the police, but White doesn’t know it and thinks he can’t drop Orange at a hospital for fear of Orange going to jail. No matter how much Orange pleads, White is determined to keep him “safe,” and it is ends up being a scene where a secret screams silently in the audience. It is a masterful moment, no chase needed!

Any of these scenes or better yet movies will remind you of the great cinema there is out there. These movies convey different feelings and situations that we are all experienced and can relate too. Give them a look and see for yourself.

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