3 Trendy Home Security Apps Free For iPad

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iPad mini, the latest launch or the new iPad that comes with retina display, whatever you might be having, it’s surely dear to you. Why an iPad is so friendly? Can you guess?

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The reason is that you can assemble all your work from hectic to normal on the iPad. Whether it’s your business or home. Talking about home, I remember that the digital world has largely integrated different facilities to improve our home.

With the latest inventions and gadgets, our household work has become pretty easier. Similarly, you have many apps that are available on your iPad to look after your home security.

I think it is a little surprising to know, how an iPad can retain the layer of security in your home. Yes, they are able to create an extra layer of security to your current home security applications.

When you are not physically present at your home, you have a way out to protect your home and retain your peace of mind when you are at office or may be travelling. Get 24-hour home surveillance just with your iPad Mini Apps. What ’s more, the 3 apps, which are mentioned here, are free for your iPads.

  • ADT Pulse Home Security App

You need to subscribe to the ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions, then you will be able to activate the app on your iPad. Just get full control over lights, camera, and thermostat and check the security status around your home at any time. What you need is to designate some of the sensitive areas around your home. You can use this to arm and disarm the home security system. If you have not installed a security alarm, then go for it now. Just with a single tap on the iPad, you will be able to turn on the light of the room. Watch the live video feed on your iPad using any ADT security cameras. This app is user-friendly and you can retain the control from anywhere in the world.

Free App for iPad

It is a Free App for iPad!

  • Nexia Home Intelligence Company

If you are having a traditional door lock then you might have those traditional keys. You also have door locks with number codes. With the invention and exposure, you have smart door locks that are remotely controlled. That is what Nexia app offers you. You can not only arm and disarm the security device but on/off the window or door sensors. Nexia is available with Schlage keypad lock, which is easily unlocked through mobile devices. This allows you to control the main door lock just with the Nexia Home Intelligence Application. If you are able to get hold of the right app, then you can use it to set temporary codes, stream and record real time video feeds and control the heating and cooling systems at home.

This App is Free On iPad!

  • Video Replay of AlarmForce

If you are having an iPad then this app is perfect for you. One of the most attractive features of AlarmForce is their ability to enable live two-way voice. With this facility, you can not only monitor the real-time video, but also communicate back via two-way voice radio. This app will let you remain alert on different situation like if the garage door is open, someone has disabled the alarm, change in thermostat, medicine box or the gun safe box got replaced, or any emergency arises.

Free App for iPad2

Free App for iPad!

Therefore, if you really care for your home then keep it protected even in your absence. Now travel without any hassles to your office or business trips, but don’t forget to pack the iPad, your portable home security guard.

Author’s Bio: Jacika Posener is a small business owner and an online florist and bouquet designer, she often has to leave her home as her business compels. She has been able to keep her home guarded with ADT alarm and operate it via her iPad. Hence, she shares similar apps, which her readers can avail on their iPad just like her.

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