4 Preventative Steps To Avoid Being The Target Of A Home Burglary

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Most burglars are opportunistic. They will only target a home if there is easy access and signs of valuables inside. Houses that are secure and that look occupied are normally ignored in favor of other homes in the area. Homeowners can take several preventative steps to make a house unattractive to burglars.

Avoid Being The Target Of A Home Burglary

4. Disguise Conspicuous Boxes and Trash

Burglars are constantly on the lookout for homes that definitely contain valuable items. One way burglars determine this is by looking for conspicuous boxes and other waste. Boxes from electronics or other expensive items tell burglars exactly what is in the house. Homeowners will want to cut down boxes and keep them in trash bags or large containers. This will lower the chance a home will become a target of a burglary.

3. Report Suspicious Activities

Burglars rarely target homes without understanding the neighborhood and the habits of the residents. It is important to report any suspicious people or activities in the neighborhood to authorities. Neighbors should do the same. This creates an environment in the neighborhood that will make it too risky for burglars to target homes. Something to look for is suspicious people or vehicles loitering in the neighborhood or constantly passing by the house for no reason.

2. Purchase a Home Security System

A very effective preventative step is to purchase a modern home security system. These systems protect doors, windows and the entire property from burglars. The simple presence of a home security system is often enough to keep burglars away from the house. Homeowners will want to find a Houston ADT security system dealer and select the package that best fits the house. The newest systems include wireless capabilities that allow monitoring and alerts through mobile devices even when no one is in the house.

1. Make It Look Like Someone Is Always Home

Burglars want to target the most vulnerable homes in a neighborhood. A simple preventative step is to make it look like the house is always occupied. This means using a home security system or a timer to turn lights on at night automatically. It also means keeping shades closed so burglars cannot see inside. Parking in a garage and keeping the property well maintained at all times will also make it look as if someone is always home.

Part of preventing burglaries means coordinating with neighbors. Neighbors can take an active role in reporting suspicious activities and watching the homes on the block. It can even help if neighbors take turns sitting outside from time to time in order to make it harder for burglars to move through the area unseen.

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