5 Great Gifts To Fit The Fall Season

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Fall is approaching with the crisp air, the smell of apples and the sights of pumpkins on doorsteps. If there is someone you know who has a birthday, anniversary or if there is some other occasion to give a gift, then stay with the fall theme.

Great Gifts To Fit The Fall Season

Golf Items

The cool mornings are a great time to hit the golf course, so why not give the gift of great clubs. Find out what kind of clubs the person likes, and get a few to add to his or collection. You can also get a golf bag with the person’s initials.

Gift Basket

Send a basket of love with fall colors and assorted treats. Find a wicker basket, and add an orange or red ribbon on the top. Include items in the basket that you know the person will like. Examples are coffee, favorite cookies, fresh fruits and books. Try to personalize the basket as much as possible so that it means more to the recipient.


Although they might not seem as personal as some other items, flowers can brighten the day of anyone who receives them. Find a flower that the person loves, and add some fall décor to the vase or basket. Mums and daisies are perfect flowers for the fall season. You can also use flowers to make a wreath. If the gift is for someone older, then include a gift card to the grocery store or a favorite restaurant. Stuffed animals can also be placed in the flower basket. A real surprise would be to have the flowers delivered to the person by a local florist.


Sweet treats are always a hit with people in the fall. You can make pumpkin cookies, candy apples and other items that have that fun fall flavor. Try dipping cookies in chocolate, and sprinkle them with sprinkles in orange and black. You can also make lollipops with caramel or green apple flavoring. Another option is to make sugar cookies in fall shapes like leaves or pumpkins. Decorate the cookies with icing to look like the cookie shape.


Fall is the time for football fans to dust off their team jerseys and cheer on their favorite team. Few thing go better with the big game than a cold beer. Give your football fan a membership to a beer of the month club. These great clubs give members a chance to try new and exciting brews without having to go hunting for them.

Whatever gift you decide to give, the most important part is to put your heart into the item. The person will love it just because you gave it to them. Don’t go overboard with one theme like Halloween or Christmas unless the gift is specifically for that holiday. Try to only use the colors of the season as well as general items like apples or leaves.

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