5 Great Road Trips to Plan in Australia

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Taking off for an adventure in Australia is an exciting time. This huge continent has so much to offer, culturally, historically and then of course there are all the natural wonders of the place to discover as well.

The coastline is vast, thousands upon thousands of miles of shorelines, coral reefs, inlets, bays, islands and coves with seas teeming with marine life. Inland – the adventure continues in its own unique Australian way – it’s exciting, invigorating which makes road trips in Australia so very different to anywhere else on the planet – visitors get a real sense of freedom when setting out on one.

Gorgeous coastal views

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Road Trip Number One: Tasmanian Wilderness & West Coast

For those looking for a rugged wilderness experience, this is a great road trip that takes you through historic, quaint towns, lush lands and lakes. You get to experience the rugged wilderness only be found on Australian soil. There are numerous World Heritage-listed national parks on this route that takes anything from 4 to 7 days to complete – depending of course, on how often you have to make a stop.

Distance wise, it is 605km of rugged splendour and delightful beaches, through Hobart, and its superb historical buildings. Then there’s the Huon Valley which is another place to stop over in.

Road Trip Number Two: Coral Coast & Monkey Mia

The wonderfully unspoilt Coral Coast with its pristine stretches of shoreline – its wilderness and close encounter experiences with wildlife. This is a great road trip that brings people in from all over the planet so they can interact with wild dolphins. You need between 7 to 14 days to do this road trip justice – it’s a long one, 1945 km that takes you past uniquely Australian Frontier Towns and offers some brilliant wildlife experiences.

Road Trip Number Three: Nature’s Way

The route takes you through tropical rainforests and the marvellous floodplains. It’s an amazing experience with towering escarpments where lands are steeped in mystical Aboriginal culture. It’s a route that takes you through the pioneering history of the continent.

The trip can take anything from 3 to 5 days and distance wise; it’s 815 km through the Northern Territory. It’s an exciting route that takes you to wetlands where there’s a heap of fauna – including crocs!

The Lovely town of Hobart

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Road Trip Number Four: The Great Tropical Drive

The route takes you through some of the most delightful coastal towns as well as the Reef and Australia’s hinterland national parks. Time seems to slow down along this route, with tropical Australia offering visitors the chance to recharge their batteries in a relaxing way.

This is a longer road trip which needs between 7 to 14 days to complete. North Queensland is a gorgeous region and the distance covered is 1625 km past ancient rainforests and along superb coral reef coastlines.

Road Trip Number Five: Red Centre Way

Finding out about early pioneers is a fascinating experience, and this is one road trip that will certainly help do that. It’s an amazing 1130 km through the Northern Territory to Alice Springs – with highlights that include the Red Desert and Uluru, the Aboriginal sacred name for Ayers Rock. The trip needs 5 to 7 days to experience all that is on offer and to capture all there is to see during the trip – definitely need cameras handy at all times on this one!


Planning a road trip in Australia takes a bit of time, but it is an exciting tour to organise through some of the world’s most amazing landscapes, along some seriously beautiful coastlines and through many magnificent historic as well as modern towns – the hardest part is choosing which road trip to take!

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