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Although the items in the following list are just as vital for global corporations as they are for a one-man band operating from home, the advice in this article is intended to inform small businesses how they can profitably use the five items in question.

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  1. Business cards – Despite the proliferation of mobile digital devices that people can use to swap contact details and stay in touch with each other wherever they may be in the world, senior executives are still expected to have a plentiful supply of business cards with them at all times. If you want to make useful business contacts quickly they are an essential tool. There is no need to use garish colours and huge lettering when designing your card; a discrete corporate logo and businesslike font will do nicely.
  2. Envelopes – The majority of companies still send hard copies of delivery notes when despatching orders to customers, and invoices requesting payment for the goods or services that they provide. With this in mind, it is essential to keep stocked up on envelopes printed with your company name and address at all times. Plain brown or manila envelopes may be cheaper but they will not reflect very well on your company so if you want to project the right image to your clients, spend a little money and get it right.
  3. Letterheads – The invoices, delivery notes and letters that you send to both existing and prospective customers should be printed on headed paper, in order to make a good impression. Simply printing your name and address at the top of the first page will look unprofessional. Whether you decide to use raised fonts and a colour logo or something a little less flamboyant, ordering them from a reputable printer such as brunelone.com is essential if you want letterheads of a consistently high quality. There are a number of excellent printing firms across the globe; all you need to do is to find one that offers competitive rates and can deliver within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Labels – I have included these as an essential because although I am aware that it is only manufacturers and wholesalers of tangible goods who will need to use them on boxes when packing orders, service providers will also need good quality labels to affix to larger envelopes and jiffy bags when sending marketing material to potential clients. There is no need to be too fancy when designing your labels, just a small logo and your company name is sufficient, as you need to leave plenty of space in which to print the recipient’s address on each one.
  5. Compliment slips – Whenever you send orders to your customers, it is a good idea to insert a compliment slip, on which you can write a short personal message. Making your clients feel like valued friends is an excellent way to ensure their future loyalty to your brand so even if the only things you ever send them are promotional brochures and other advertising literature, it is well worth including a compliment slip with a short handwritten message in the package that you post. Following up such deliveries with a quick phone call a couple of days after they can reasonably be expected to have arrived is a good idea when dealing with particularly important customers.

If you use similar fonts and logo colours for your compliment slips, letterheads, business cards, envelopes and labels, it will ensure a uniform look and feel to all your business communications. You can discuss any special design ideas that you have with the printer you decide to use.


About the Author: Sonia writes for BrunelOne, one of the leading providers of printing services in the UK. They employ a local workforce of more than 50 people at their factory. You can find out more by visiting their website, brunelone.com.

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