5 Phone Numbers Every Mom Needs To Have In Her Address Book

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Between raising your children, cooking, cleaning and organizing schedules it becomes easy overlook the need to prepare for hypotheticals. But the fact is accidents and emergencies do happen. In order to avoid making matters worse we’ve listed five contacts every mom should have programmed in her phone.

Address Book

5. Neighbor

In case of an emergency in your neighborhood, having the phone numbers of your neighbors can be crucial. If for any reason you are away but need to know the details of what is taking place in or around your home, your neighbor could be your only source of information.

4. Caretaker/School

Having the right phone number immediately available to you can keep you informed with the activities happening in your child’s school or daycare. As well, if there is a natural disaster or some other crisis, knowing where and what the school officials are doing with the children can save you unnecessary grief.

3. Dentist

Accidents in non competitive and competitive youth sports often involve injuries which may not be urgent enough to dial 911. However it may be more serious than a any bag of ice can solve. In case of a dental related injury, sports related or not, having your child’s dentist on speed dial can make all the difference. You may be able to minimize the damage to his or her mouth, gums, or teeth by being in touch with your dentist right away.

2. Pediatrician

In cases of a fever, an unexplainable rash or worse, having the ability to contact your pediatrician on demand gives you a sense of security. If your specific pediatrician is unavailable most clinics have a doctor on call ready to help get you through a crisis. Have your pediatrician’s direct number as well as the clinic or hospital emergency line locked into your phone.

1. Poison Control

Children love to put things in their mouths. A mom’s worst nightmare is her child being in any kind of danger. Sometimes that danger is right under your nose in the form of poisonous household items like bug spray or bleach. All moms should have the number to the Poison control center. 1800.222.1222

Do not wait for an emergency to make the right plans for your family. It is not enough to have this information in your phone. Make a list and have it where everyone in your home has immediate access to it. This information could save your child’s life.

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