5 simple ways to burn more fat without eating less

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There are ways in which an individual can increase the metabolism rate without altering the eating mode. The recent studies reveal the key changes that can help with losing weight without changing the amount one eats. The following are concepts to adopt to help in losing weight without altering the amount of food that one takes:

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Meal frequency and timing

Most people advocate for one to eat less to be able to burn more fat in the body. However, the recent studies reveal that one should take regular meals and have a snack in between meals to be able to burn more fat. The people who take regular meals have an increased thermogenesis as compared to those who do not take regular meals. Thermogenesis means that one has a hotter and a faster metabolism, and this is called the thermic effect of food. Taking food regularly throughout the day helps one to get a slow and a steady burn effect from the food. By taking food irregularly, skipping meals, frequent snacking gives mixed signals to the body, and this leads to a lower calorie burning. When one takes meals irregularly, the body slows down to conserve energy, and this has an effect on the weight. Studies also show that meal timing is also important for one to be able to burn more fat. Research shows that taking regular meals can lead to losing body weight irrespective of the number of calories.

Take more protein in the diet

Protein is an important macronutrient regarding losing weight. Research shows that foods that are rich in proteins help to reduce cravings by 60% and also increase metabolism rate by burning 80-100 calories every day. When losing weight is the main goal, it is advisable to add more proteins to the diet as it will help with losing weight and regaining the weight when one decides to add. Protein helps with losing belly fat and this is very important for the people who are struggling to lose belly fat.

Reduce the intake of carbs

The restriction of fats in the diet is one of the most important ways when planning to lose weight. Reducing fats does not mean that one has to take less food; it just means that there is a reduction of calories that are in the diet. Most studies show that when people reduce the number of carbs in the high fiber diet, the appetite and cravings reduce and one loses weight. Low-carb diets reduce water weight in the body, and this helps one to lose weight. It is advisable to reduce the intake of refined carbs like pasta and white bread. One should consider dropping the carbs to 50grams daily; this puts the body into a state of ketosis, and this kills the appetite and burns more fats.

Take foods that are high in fiber

Dietary fiber is plant matter that is indigestible, and there are claims that it can help with losing weight. The fiber forms a thick gel that sits in the gut giving one a sensation of fullness. The gel reduces the movement of food in the digestive tract, and this slows down absorption and digestion of food. Studies reveal that when one takes an additional of 14 grams of fiber daily, there is a 10% decrease in the intake of calories and a significant weight loss of 2kg over four months. The best way to get the required fiber in the body is by taking a lot of plant food like fruits and vegetables.

Take part in aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are one of the ways that are effective in burning of fats without eating less. Aerobic exercises include running, swimming and walking, and this are things that one can take part in daily. Research shows that aerobic exercises are also effective in losing belly fat as they help one to lose endless amounts of fats in the belly. A study revealed that exercises help to prevent one to regain the lost fats after weight loss, and it is, therefore, important in maintaining weight.


There are several things that can help with burning more fats without eating less, and this includes taking regular meals, reducing the intake of carbs, taking part in regular exercise and increasing the intake of proteins and fiber.

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