5 Things People Forget That Make a Healthy Smile

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No one wants to feel self-conscious when they laugh. Everyone wants to have a healthy, attractive smile! Most people know it’s important to brush their teeth two to three times per day for optimal dental health, but what else makes a healthy smile? Here are five things you may not have thought of!

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Plenty of calcium and Vitamins A and D

What you eat actually has a significant impact on the health of your teeth. A healthy diet, particularly one rich in Calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D is shown to strengthen all your bones, including your teeth.

Regular flossing

Most people brush regularly, but all too often, individuals skimp on the flossing. However, flossing your teeth at least once per day can keep harmful bacteria from harboring between your teeth and around your gums, leading to tooth decay and possibly even gum disease.

Regular check-ups from the dentist

Your teeth get a good cleaning from a dental hygienist when you go to the dentist’s office for your twice-yearly check-up. In addition, the dentist will check your teeth over for any signs of decay. Learning about tooth decay sooner rather than later means it can be taken care of with less invasive means of treatment. Ask local friends which dentist they use or contact your insurance company for a referral to a dentist’s office, such as Smile Designs.

Avoiding sugar

Studies show that people who eat a high-sugar diet are more likely to have tooth decay and cavities. Brushing regularly can help stave off possible tooth decay, but avoiding sugar altogether is a better option for your teeth and your overall health.


Though it can be pricey, seeing an orthodontist to have your bite corrected accomplishes more than just aesthetic purposes. It is actually good for the health of your teeth and gums. Overcrowding in the mouth can make it harder to brush effectively and thus lead to the formation of cavities. Your dentist is able to refer you to an orthodontist if your bite needs correction. Often, this step will help you have a healthier mouth and a lot more confidence in your appearance.

Most people really do want to have a healthy and attractive smile. Taking the above steps, along with brushing your teeth at least twice each day, can help insure that you are able to keep your teeth for the entirety of your lifetime and make sure your smile stays healthy.

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