5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Child

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Kids love unique and fun birthday parties. With creative decorations, interesting food, and his favorite friends by his side, your child is sure to have the perfect birthday party. Martha Stewart, in her article, “Birthday Party Planning 01,” says, “birthday parties are like road trips: getting there is half the fun.” As you begin to decide on the theme you want to have, your paper products, decorations, and refreshments will all fall into place with careful planning and preparation. Follow the tips listed below to provide the perfect birthday party for your child:

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Tip #1: Let your child help pick the theme of his party so that the excitement will grow as the date draws near. He can help you with the shopping, making the invitations, and decorating the venue for your party. You can probably handle the work by yourself, of course, but allowing your child to participate adds to the fun and anticipation of the celebration.

Tip #2: Work on the guest list. You’ll want to make sure that good friends can come to the party by asking about a few dates before you make the final selection. If you’re inviting classmates, be sure to include everyone so that no one has hurt feelings. A good way to figure out the number of guests that you want to invite is to invite the same number of children as your child’s age, plus one.

Tip #3: Make the invitations fun. Be sure to include all of the necessary information that families will need to arrive on time and at the proper location. If any special events such as swimming are being planned, be sure to include requests for items that are needed by the children participating. Send out your invitations about three weeks before the party and call any parents who don’t respond a few days before the event is to occur.

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Tip #4: Ask for help from your friends. You won’t be able to be in all places at the same time, so enlisting the help of friends is a great way to handle some of the responsibilities that you’ll have. Think about who should pour the drinks, who can help with the refreshments, and who can assist with games.

Tip #5: Decide what to serve. One of the most popular foods being served at birthday parties around the country is cake pops. If you don’t know where to buy cake pops, contact friends and family members or look for a distinguished bakery in your area that provides these morsels of delight. It’s an extremely easy way to have cake, avoid messes, and allow the children to manage their own food. By adding treat bags and favors, the children will thoroughly enjoy themselves and gain some independence as they interact with other children and try their hand at the games you play. Planning is only the beginning of the perfect party for your child.

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