5 Ways You Haven’t Thought Of That Bring In More Customers

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Looking to bring in more customers and grow your business? While each business’s marketing strategy will differ slightly, every business has room for improvement. Here are five suggestions to bring in more customers you may not have considered.

Bring In More Customers

Revamp Your Website

Is your website plain or outdated? It may be costing you business. Many people research on a company’s website before making a purchase. If your webpage gives no valuable information, potential clients will keep clicking onto your competitor’s website. Make sure your webpage offers plenty of information about your business, your products or services, and reasons potential clients should choose you.

Show Up in a Search Engine

Just because your website exists doesn’t automatically mean that people can find it using a search engine. There are a few steps you need to take first. Register your web address with Google Search, on Google Places, or with Google Webmaster Tools. Also, get other websites to link to you. Search engine marketing is quite effective for people looking for your specific product or service in particular area.

Advertise Where Your Clients Are

Instead of waiting for your clients to come to you, go to your clients. If you own a dog grooming business, go to the local dog park. If you own a cloth diaper store, get on the cloth diapering blog for your area. Even if you do not bring in a client you talk to directly, the people you meet will likely know others who could use your services.

Use Social Networking

With 1.2 billion people using Facebook world-wide, Facebook is a marketing gold-mine for businesses. Create an interesting and updated Facebook page and spread the word about your business. Place news such as sales and promotions in clients’ news feeds and list products for people to comment on and “share” with all of their friends.

Get Other People Talking about Your Business

Finally, get other people talking about your business. Hold a charity event and let the media know. Have a blogger review your product or service and do a giveaway. If people hear about your business from a trusted third party, they are more likely to use your business in the future.

While maintaining your list of current customers is important, bringing new customers in to your business is essential if you want to continue to grow and expand your business. When business is slow, try a new marketing tool such as the ones above to increase your business and your bottom line.

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