6 sandwich fillings which can be improved with the right sauce or condiment

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There are many fillings which can be in a sandwich. Sandwiches can be enjoyed throughout the day and there are a wide range of hot and cold fillings that can be put between two slices of bread. When fillings are too dry, a sandwich isn’t as delicious as it should be but can be improved with sauce. Here are some of the many fillings which will taste far better when the right sauce or condiment is picked:

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There are scores of bulk sauces which can be put into a cheese sandwich such as brown sauce and tomato ketchup. French or wholegrain mustard can even be used as a replacement for butter. When other fillings such as flavoured mayonnaise are added to a cheese sandwich, such as tomato and cucumber, mayonnaise is popular. This creamy condiment comes in a low fat variation and it can also be modified by adding various spices so that it has a completely different taste.


After steak has been grilled or fried, it can be cut into strips and used as a sandwich filling. Along with mustard and tomato ketchup, salad cream can also be added to a steak sandwich. If steak is grilled for longer than recommended, it will taste very dry but when sauce is added, it will be incredibly delicious.


Several slices of wafer thin and crumbed ham will taste even better when mustard is added. When wholegrain mustard is spread liberally on a ham sandwich, it will have a fiery taste. The combination of ham and mustard is one of the most delicious sandwiches around and it doesn’t take long to make many of them.


When fresh prawns are put into a sandwich, it will taste delicious. Although butter can be spread on a prawn sandwich, there are other options available which don’t contain a high level of fat. Salad cream can be added to a prawn sandwich and also mustard. By putting a small amount of mustard or salad cream into a prawn sandwich, it will taste amazing. In fact, it can be improved beyond all recognition because it won’t be dry at all.


A sandwich can have hardly any fat when it contains salad and no other filling. Along with tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions and lettuce, salad cream can be added. There are many low fat variations of salad cream and, by putting some into a salad sandwich, it will be very healthy.


A sandwich which has a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) filling is one of the most popular in the world. There are many variations, such as the type of bacon and tomato which is used. A BLT sandwich can be very dry if it doesn’t have mayonnaise. A huge dollop of this condiment isn’t always required for a BLT sandwich because a small serving is sometimes all that’s needed although this does vary according to personal taste. In fact, many people like to have as much mayonnaise on their BLT sandwich as possible.

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