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An off-beat career option, translation is indeed a legitimate and decent way of making pretty good money. The following article is a perusal of the same.  

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Translation Jobs – An Introduction

Translation involves converting one language into another without changing the meaning of content. The global village that we inhabit today, learning or mastery over a foreign language can come in handy as people constantly look forward to expand their business beyond borders, cultures and language.

In order to conduct business across boundaries, language at times can pose as a predicament. This is where the requirement of a translator arises. Translator jobs involves rendition of content into various languages keeping in mind the demand of the clients. The job is somewhat demanding that requires it to be performed with much acumen in order to meet the clients’ requirements. This is the reason why translators need to be detail-oriented and check his or her finished work repeatedly in order to do away with all kinds of typographical errors. Another aspect that a translator needs to consider are colloquialisms involved in a particular language. This helps to convey the idea in a much simpler way.

Significance and Job Description

Since the world has shrunk into a global village, linguistic abilities are given high priority. The technological revolution that is the emergence of the Internet and the Information Technology has helps organisations to look beyond borders that have created a demand for translators. However, success in this field can be ensured only if one has an excellent command and an in-depth knowledge of the language. In the coming decades, the industry is expected to grow in leaps and bounds opening up more career opportunities in translation jobs.

On a typical day a translator or interpreter’s tasks might include:

  • Converting written or spoken information from a source to a target language
  • Changing between sign language and a spoken language
  • Exactly relaying style or tone so that meaning remains the same when translating or interpreting from one language to another
  • Obeying to strict targets when dealing with interpreting written material
  • If translating, working on a computer to receive, write and acquiesce documents
  • Keeping in mind the privacy of material as required
  • Discussing reference sources as needed to insure accuracy of translated works

Carving out a Career

If you look forward to a career in translation job, it is advisable that you begin with a language that is comparatively easy to learn. Begin with easier texts that will make learning easy and enjoyable. However, always remember that, learning a new language is demanding and requires much dedication. Do not jump to conclusions early. Start with a small organisation as they are usually keen on hiring freshers. Build up your career gradually by learning while working.  After you have achieved a certain amount of degree and confidence in the fields, you can choose an import-export agency for a more challenging profile.

Working as a freelance translator is always a good option as one can do so from the comfort of his or her home. The Internet is flooded with numerous free websites and one can search from them. You can post your work and get it evaluated. Before going to bid for a translation job, it is must to confirm your skill in both languages that you are going to work for. For instance, if you are Germanian and expert in English, then you can work for both German/English and English/Germanian translations.

Some of the major institutes from where you can learn a foreign language are

Max Meuller Bhavan (German), pan India presence

Allaince Francaise (French)

Mosai Institutes of Japanese Language, Delhi

Instituto Hispania, Delhi (Spanish)

Running off the beaten track, translator job can turn out to be a good career opportunity provided one has the tenacity and dedication to master a foreign language.


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