A floor lamp can really enhance the beauty of a room

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When it comes to furnishing rooms, you tend to overlook small things and focus only on weighty items. However, a floor lamp can turn out to be instrumental and important in setting up an inviting space. Narrow and tall, these are apt for awkward corners, shining upon a library or a sofa in the living room or brightening the dining room.

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Floor lamps are a lovely way to add light to a room. They do give more light compared to a table lamp, but are less overwhelming and harsh than an overhead lamp. They do come in different styles as well as heights and there are many things you need to consider while deciding on an apt model for your living room.  Listed below are a few tips to assist you in choosing the perfect floor lamp that not only would give you the perfect lighting but also will compliment the décor.

Tips to consider


The foremost thing you need to consider while choosing the floor lamp is the actual purpose it will fulfill. Are you planning to get the lamp to give additional lighting to the room or are you getting it to add attraction to your space? Torchiere floor lamps have an inverted shade that faces towards the ceiling. These are an apt choice if you are looking for a model that can add warmth and light to a dark corner of the room. In case of small rooms, these can be the only source of lighting in the room as they produce a good amount of light. On the other hand, if you are looking for lamps to add light for reading, you could look for a floor lamp – also known as gulvlamper by the Danish interior designers – that has directional heads. These models have lights that point downwards rather than to the ceiling and normally the lights can be turned to the sides as well as moved down or up according to your needs. Lamps with directional heads come with both multiple bulbs and a single bulb. So ensure that you choose the right one that suits your requirements. If you place the lamp near a sofa or a chair in your room, you could direct the light to the right position in order to throw the right amount of light onto the reading material.

Home décor and floor lamps:

Always make sure that the floor lamp you buy matches well with your home décor.  Today, lamps come in varied styles ranging from sleek, modern designs to antique reproductions.  Therefore, if you do your research well, you will be able to find the model that complements your home décor no matter what the design of your room is.

You will be able to find these lamps at antiquity shops, department stores, vintage stores, lighting stores as well as at online sites. Don’t be hasty in taking a decision on your lamp. Go through all the choices available and spend time to shop around and ensure that you get the ideal floor lamp that suits your requirements and matches the décor of your space of comfort.

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