A Guide to Nursing Jobs Which are Based from Home

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Once you have qualified from nursing college you may well be contemplating whether to pursue a career in hospital or perhaps in a GP practice.

However, once you have some practical experience, there may be another option which you hadn’t previously considered: working from home.

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There are some jobs which immediately lend themselves to home working but nursing is not one of them; after all, a fundamental part of the job is the patient!

You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of different nursing careers which can be based from home; here’s a guide to just some of them.

Care Service Manager
This job title may sound like an administrative role but it actually requires the skills, knowledge and experience of a qualified nurse.

Individuals working in this capacity are responsible for managing the entire care package for chronically ill individuals, such as those suffering from illnesses such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy.

A Care Service Manager takes responsibility for the whole package and will liaise with other professionals such as Primary Care Trusts and Social Services to ensure the seamless continuation of provisions.

The role also involves direct supervision and competency training of staff, as well as on-going assessment of care needs. Experience of high dependency care including ventilation and PEG feeding is usually required.

Nurses are based from home and manage their own appointments and diary in a way which supports the needs of the individuals and allows them to attend case conferences as required.

Community Nursing Advisor
Not all patients who require nursing care in their home are either terminally or seriously ill; there is a whole spectrum of needs ranging from individuals with chronic conditions to those with just temporary requirements.

A Community Nursing Advisor is responsible for delivering nursing care to patients in their own home and could range from administering medication to providing education. In this role, one of the primary goals is to enable patients to have a quality of life rather than being simply tied to a hospital.

As well as visiting patients in their home where required, a Community Nursing Advisor also is the friendly voice at the end of a help-line, a duty which is also based from home. Experience is vital as this type of job involves being able to not just help individuals manage the various aspects of their condition, but also being able to spot red flags and know when to call in more help.

Community nurses who work from home and able to juggle their own workload have the opportunity to really get to know their patients

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Telephone Triage Nurse
Most people will know Triage as a skill which lies in the physical evaluation of patients but increasingly there are services which assess the urgency of an individual’s condition over the phone.

Possibly the best known of these is the out of hours 111 service provided by the NHS but there are also a number of other roles, primarily from private care providers, that allow the nurse to work from home.

The triage service does not necessarily relate to emergencies but also chronic and possibly end of life conditions, where the nurse acts as the gatekeeper to a range of other services. Based on her assessment, the patient is given advice and access to the right professional, whether that’s an immediate action or a non-urgent need.

Specialist Nursing Care
This category of home-based work could fall under a wide number of specialities but involves a degree of highly-trained medical care to be provided by a qualified nurse.

Rather than just general duties, the nurse must hold a high level of knowledge regarding the speciality and be capable of delivering advanced care. Examples of the type of work which might be involved are IV Home Therapy for both oncology and other patients or possibly end of life care to make the patient comfortable. The latter in particular will involve a constant re-assessment of needs to ensure the treatment being provided is both appropriate and adequate.

Specialist nurses can provide help and advice regarding toxic medication such as chemotherapy when it is administered in the home

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Working from home is increasingly the modern solution to expensive working environments and the difficulties in commuting and nursing is certainly no exception. In order to make a home-based job work well, you must be self-motivated, disciplined and well-organised. Although it might take some getting used to at first, without the loss of time in travelling to and from a place of work, you might find that you are able to spend more time with your patients and with the autonomy of managing your own caseload, a home-based nursing position could deliver true job satisfaction.

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