A timeline of health benefits you can expect when giving up smoking

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One of the reasons why so many people fail on their quest to giving up smoking is because they do not notice immediate results. This is exactly the same thing that occurs with those who are attempting to lose weight. However, this article is here to give you a better shot at giving up for good. If you read on you will not only discover all the benefits that will be gained by kissing goodbye to cigarettes but you will also be given an approximate time period to act as a guide regarding how long you will have to wait before you note the change in question. This will give you a realistic expectation of what to expect and can ensure you do not end up disheartened. After all, a lot of these benefits are occurring internally anyway and thus it is unlikely that you will notice a difference yourself, however you can be certain that they are happening.

The first benefit associated with giving up smoking is the fact that your blood pressure will return back to a normal level, as will your pulse. This will happen within a mere 20 minutes of stopping smoking. There are indeed an array of other benefits which will occur within the 24 hour period. These are as follow…

  • Oxygen levels return to normal (eight hours)
  • Carbon monoxide quantity in the blood comes back to a normal level (12 hours)
  • Lungs begin to clear out smoking debris, such as mucous (24 hours)
  • Carbon monoxide is completely eradicated from your body (24 hours)

Therefore, you are quite clearly making improvements from the word go. So let’s take a look at what you can expect to occur over the next few days after this…

  • Your capability to smell and taste will be enhanced substantially (two days)
  • There will be no nicotine remaining in your body (two days)
  • Your energy levels will increase (three days)
  • Your bronchial tubes will start to relax (three days)
  • You will discover that you are finding it a lot easier to breathe (three days)

After this we begin looking at the long term benefits. What will happen over the year ahead?

  • The functioning of your lungs will be improved
  • The excess risk of contracting coronary heart disease is diminished by approximately 50 per cent
  • Breathing issues and consequent problems such as coughing will subside
  • Your circulation will improve

And finally, once you have achieved your ultimate goal and kicked in the cigarettes for good you will discover some fantastic long term benefits. These take between five and fifteen years to occur. However they are more than worth the weight. What are they?

  • Risk of a stroke becomes of the same level as those who have never smoked before
  • Risk of lung cancer decreases dramatically
  • Risk of a heart attack will diminish to about 50 per cent of that of a smoker

When you take all of these benefits into account it is quite easy to see why giving up smoking is a must. By having a clear timeline of benefits in place this should hopefully make the challenge a lot easier.

Summary – This article reveals the health benefits that are associated with giving up smoking. However, it differs from other pieces because it actually gives you a timeline of how soon you can expect to experience each benefit.

Author bio – Janifar is a qualified freelance journalist. During her 18 years in the industry she has written pieces on everything from giving up smoking to the latest fashion trends to reports on the general elections.


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