Airsoft: Safety Tips for Kids

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Airsoft weapons have become very popular today, especially among kids but it would not be prudent to treat them only as toys posing no real threat of injuries to the ones playing with them. Though replicas of real guns, the airsoft pistols can be real threats if not handled properly. Make sure when your kids are playing with them you are supervising them duly. Here are other safety tips that you should follow while your child or children is/are playing with them:

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One of the body parts that remains exposed to the threat of being hurt in a major way is your eyes. It’s not prudent to practice shooting without goggles. But normal sun, dust or wind glasses are not ideal to protect your eyes. The ideal eyeglasses for airsoft are either paintball or eye goggles rated at ANSI Z87.1.

The plastic pellets if shot from a close range might prove dangerous. If they are shot from a distance beyond 10 ft then it wouldn’t cause any harm. So make sure that you are taking due care to ensure that your kid shoots the pellets from the desired distance so as not to cause any harm. Watch out against any kind of complacency. The shooting speed might touch 250-350 ft per second but with effective manipulation, it can even reach 400 ft per second. It would only be advisable that you teach your kid to adhere to normal speed limit and not try too hard to shoot faster. As he grows up to be more adept at the game, he can be trained to manipulate accordingly. You might have managed to survive many games without any accident. But that doesn’t really mean that you would be able to do the same in the future as well. Shooting fast and from closed range can lead to broken teeth, or other damaged body parts. Make sure that you’re wearing your eye gears every time you’re playing. You can even try out Wiley X high-quality or Bolle tactical goggles.

Teach your kid to point the barrel in a safe direction.

It’s advisable that you practice in an enclosed area. Please try and find out if your neighbors are ok with you practicing in your backyard or not. If they are not, then there are chances of the local law being involved as well.

Please make sure that your kid is not carrying the pistol in the park, school or at any of the public places. It will not be wise to allow him to handle the gun without adult supervision.


Please remember that if you are ready to follow the safety tips mentioned above while playing with airsoft guns, it can definitely turn out to be one of the most enjoyable sporting activities.

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