Amazing new features for the new PlayStation 4

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The new Sony PlayStation 4 is the most advanced gaming machine that Sony have ever released and comes packed with a large amount of intricate new features that will please newcomers and fans of the system. Those that own other Sony products such as the Vita and the Xperia will be able to connect to the Sony PlayStation 4 wirelessly and stream games and movies between various systems and products within the Sony range. In this article we will look at some of the amazing new and improved features of the system.


An immersive experience is offered through built in camera, sound, face and hand tracking devices

– Two wide angle cameras are built into the machine that can distinguish between different players in the background and in the foreground. This will be used in a number of ways including for games that require face recognition.
– The use of voices and body movements will also be tracked via the sound and camera devices to enhance game playability.
– Tracking technology will also be inside the controllers and will be used to determine where the different controllers are placed in the room. An example of this use will be in multiplayer games, where the split – screen layout will switch positions if a play gets up and moves to a different location.

Video playability is greatly enhanced and a whole new user interface is included

– The XrossMediaBar (XMB) interface which was used as the interface for previous PlayStation models has now been replaced with a completely new interface. This interface has a better design and is more similar to the Xbox 360.
– The machine has a built in feature that always records the last several minutes of a gaming session. This can then be sent to friends, uploaded or saved for later viewing. Game play can also be streamed live for others to watch and comment on. This technology is also built into the machine and does not require any external hardware.
– Video playback is controlled with the controller which has been re-designed specifically so that users do not accidentally fast forward or rewind the movie. This was a problem on earlier controllers and has now been fixed.

The new instant on feature does away with startup loading times and creates instant playability

– The Sony PlayStation 4 will be extremely fast when loading digital media.
– The new machine will come with an instant on/off feature that will allow the gamer to turn off at any point during mid-play and then re-load the game to the exact same position within seconds.
– Those who wish to download games from the internet will also be able to start playing the game before the software has finished loading.

To learn more about the Sony PlayStation contact the Sony website. Here you will find more information about the machine. The Sony PlayStation 4 is designed to be an extremely smooth and interactive playing experience and will appeal to those that enjoy using cutting edge media and technology. To purchase a Sony PlayStation contact your nearest electronic specialist.

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