Amazing Wedding Destinations in Bahrain

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For most people, a wedding is a once in a life time event. This is why couples choose the best venues to have their wedding. This creates great memories and also gives the couple sites to take photos in the beautiful sceneries. This is the same case in Bahrain. Some of the most amazing wedding destinations in Bahrain are discussed below.

Ritz Carlton Bahrain

Ritz- Carlton hotel

Ritz- Carlton hotel is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in Bahrain. Most couples choose this destination due to its picturesque view. The hotel has a room set aside for special events and wedding receptions. Another reason why most couples love this venue is the fact that it has a spa. This makes it more enjoyable as they are allowed to spend the night in the hotel and check out the next day. The ballroom, which is where the event is set up, is able to hold at least 250 guests. This is also another reason why most people prefer this hotel. The hotel also offers packages for the wedding as a form of wedding gift. This wedding package is inclusive of many things.

Delmon International Hotel

Delmon International hotel is also a good wedding destination. It has a romantic decision that makes it look like a castle. It is deep brown in colour and has pillars in the corridor that resemble those seen in ancient castles. It is found in Manama near Bahrain National Museum.

Diplomat Radisson Blue Hotel

This is another beautiful location to have a wedding. It is also located close to the National museum. The hotel has a spa that the couple can enjoy after the wedding before they leave for their honeymoon. It also has children activities. This is very important in order to keep the children busy and prevent them from making a mess of things. This hotel also gives wedding packages for those who hold the occasion in the hotel.

Novetel Al Dana resort

For those who would like to have a beach wedding, the Novetel Al Dana resort is perfect. This hotel is located in Manama in front of beach. The beach is quite large and can therefore hold a large number of people. It is also a great place to have your reception since there are cool breezes from the water that can be quite soothing. Beach weddings are considered very romantic. This is what a wedding at the Novetel Al Dana resort gives you.

Everyone has an idea of the kind of wedding they would like to have. This is why choosing a venue to fit your ideas is very crucial to make the ideas come to life. All this wedding destinations in Bahrain can be set up in a way that reflects the theme you want your wedding to have.

To have your wedding in Bahrain, you are required to have a Bahrain visa. You will also need to make early reservations in these destinations since they are in high demand in the area. Setting up a wedding takes a long time. Therefore you need to have all the people involved on board so that you can have quality services.

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