An Amazing Experience of Home Renovation

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A life is incomplete without many of the experiences. It is through these experiences that one learns a lot. This I realized when I had to renovate my house after I bought an old house about two years back. When we bought the house, we walked in and we had already decided what we will be doing to change its look. Once we had all the ideas in our mind and saw that the place will suit us we bought the house. But it was not till two years later that we managed to implement the changes we had planned at the time of buying the house. It was not only the budget problem but since we had to move in quickly, it was hard to vacate areas to work for renovations. The planning we had in our minds about the renovations, were no doubt pretty difficult to implement and we ended up changing quite a few ideas.

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After two years of living in the same house that we bought, we finally had a enough budget to get on with our renovations. The house was built 25 years back and it needed to be taken care of a bit. It was not that it was safety risk or some damages in the building; it was a bit old fashioned as compared to the rest of the homes around it. So it was not only the interior that had to be taken care of but the exterior as well. The most difficult part is the interior, because when work is going on for the exterior of the house, one can manage to comfortably live the way they were doing so before. When it comes to interior renovations; packing and then shifting things from one room to another, gets the best of you.

From my experience, here are few of the matters that need ones attention while renovating:

I had to change the floor as it was having carpet over concrete. Though the carpet has its own advantages, the new vinyl tiles seem way better than carpets. They are easy to install, clean and they can be replaced easily if few of them get chipped or damaged. They seemed more impressive because of different styles and colors and less expensive as well.


Walls are basically the foundation of our home interior. It is the area of the wall that defines a personality and the theme of your interior décor. Since we use these walls to put light fixtures and decorative items like large canvas prints, the background needs to be smooth enough to get the best of these decoration items. We selected quite a few images to hang in our different rooms and got them printed through online services of Image-Printers. For good wall color paint one has to make it smooth enough and take out all the previous paints coats of the past. It can be a very hectic job as you have to use sand paper to take off all the paint coats and then make it smooth and even enough for the new paint coat. If you don’t do that, the wall surface will not give a fresh and smooth look.


The other things that need ones attentions is the choice of furniture, curtains, carpets and rugs. I didn’t need to change my furniture as all of it was in good shape. We had recently bought it before moving to the house. The wall colors and flooring was all done while keeping in mind our furniture color and design so it makes a good theme and color scheme. We had to change curtains of few rooms however and we bought some new rugs to go with themes of different room. Rest of it was what we already had with us. It took us around 15 days to complete our interior renovation. Though we had to endure a lot during those 15 days but the end I will say it was all worth it.

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  1. Scharyar Aly

    Some great tips for renovations. Very in-depth study and attainable tasks mentioned here. Good going!!!

  2. Eliza Allen

    Impressive.. no doubt home renovations costs way too much ,
    but thanks for the info, I have been looking for it.

  3. Linda

    Great tips for home renovation, I am also going to do some changes to my house, this will help me to plan and pay attention on important places to be renovated. By the way you shared a great idea of decorating the wall with memorable canvas prints.

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