Applications for Caster Wheels

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Caster wheels take heavy, stationary furniture and project aids and make them mobile. This comes in handy in the home and in the workplace. When furniture has wheels on it, or the ability to attach wheels, it makes rearranging the house easier. It also helps when furniture needs to be moved for cleaning or home improvement projects.

A Caster wheel

Desk Chairs

It is beneficial to have a desk chair that rolls. It makes getting from one side of the office to the other rather easy. Caster wheels on desk chairs are also beneficial when you need to get up quickly and prefer not to pick up a chair to move it backwards to get up. In a hurry, this takes additional seconds that could be spent working on the task at hand.

Small Tables

Small tables in the home or workplace can be heavy. For those with lifting restrictions, this can cause further damage to an existing injury. Putting caster wheels on the table helps it to become portable and easy to move. This makes creating a puzzle-making space or craft area quite simple.

Microwave Carts and Portable Kitchen Islands

Rolling microwave carts and kitchen islands are handy. Moving the island out of the way after dinner is done opens up more space in the kitchen. Having the extra prep space while cooking is beneficial, but the space can be restricted if you have a small kitchen to start with.
In regards to a rolling microwave cart, it helps to be able to move it back out of the way after you are done using the microwave. Most carts also have storage under them for dry goods, towels and other small kitchen appliances.

Automotive Rollers

In the automotive repair industry, technicians use rollers to get underneath cars safely. The caster wheels have to be high-quality and heavy duty. In the event of an emergency, when a technician needs to get out from under a vehicle quickly, the wheels must react quickly. Having wheels on the roller assists the mechanic in getting out safely and carrying small tools or parts with them as they go back underneath the vehicle.

You can view the different types of caster wheels available for your project by visiting this website. Selecting the right type of caster wheel for the weight of the object and type of flooring it will be on is important. An improper wheel choice can lead to injuries from items that get stuck and tip over, or from items that do not stay in place once the item has stopped moving.

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