Are you storing your medicine correctly?

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Spring is the ideal time of the year to reorganise and throw out any unnecessary items in your home. You shouldn’t just let the spring clean be limited to your cupboards, your medicine often needs a reorganise too.

Organise Medicine

It’s something that we are all guilty of. Or medicine cupboards are the last thing we think to organise, but is actually really important to do. Here’s a great guide on how to reorganise your medicine cabinet:

Always read the instruction leaflet

It’s really important to check the leaflet inside the medicine box as this will inform you as to where it should be kept. Some liquid medication may need to me kept in the fridge otherwise it may go off. Plus, always keep medicine with the original packet and instructions for future reference.

Never keep medication in the bathroom

You want to store your medicine in an area that is convenient, but is also cool and dry. Bathrooms have high levels of heat and moisture which can cause damage to the medicines or packaging so isn’t ideal, unless you are able to keep the room well ventilated. (However, the bathroom medicine chest is an ideal place to keep items such as bandages, tweezers, gauze, cotton balls, scissors, and other products that aren’t affected by heat or humidity.)

Keep out of the way of children and pets

Young children and pets often want to explore anything and everything. Medicines should be kept out of the way and out of their reach even if the medicine in intended for their use. You don’t want to risk them accidentally swallowing medication.

Keep them separate

It is important to keep your medication separate from those of your spouse or other family members. You don’t want to risk accidentally taking the wrong medication if they are kept in similar packaging. Make sure that they are kept in different locations or at least keep them on different shelves in a cabinet.

Keep them in the packaging

Make sure that any medication remains in the original packaging. Not only is the packaging designed to protect the medicine from the light it also contains specific instructions regarding dosage. This is really important as any medication will only work when taking the correct dosage. It also tells you the name of the medication in case you need to ask for more from the Doctor.

Never mix medication

Never mix different medicines in the same bottle as you’ll end up taking the wrong one by mistake. It is also possible that some of one medicine could rub off on another and affect how well it works. Make sure tablets are kept in their original containers.

Keep a clear surface

You may find it helpful to have a countertop or table-top near where you keep your medicine so you can open the bottle with it resting on the flat surface. In case you drop your pill, it will land on the table-top and not be lost down the drain or on the floor.

It is really important to ensure that you correctly store and use your medication.

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