Astonishing Classic Vehicle Auction to be Held this September

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There is nothing more interesting than a classic vehicle auction. Isn’t it? Classic cars have always grasped the attention of vehicle lovers. They always look forward to such auctions and this is the main reason, why such news always comes on top, whenever you search them in any online search engine website. Now, it is time to discuss about the latest auction news.

There is good news for every classic vehicle lover out there reading this article right now. Later this month the Lambrecht Chevrolet Corporation has decided to auction more than 500 classic cars mainly belonging to the 60’s and 70’s times. These models are very ethnic in style and have been seen in many landmarking movies of the times.

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Vintage Vehicle Auctions
are always looked upon by Collectors

Facts about the Auction             

For example, you might notice Chevrolet Indy Pace, a 1978 model, still showing off its racing stripes upon it. There is even the Bel Air Sedan from the 66’s and still covered in the tropic turquoise color. You might also come across Impala of the year 1964 along the long line of classic cars.

You might find them covered in dirt, but don’t worry, they are shiny just underneath that thin sheet of dust. According to the auctioneer, VanDerBrink, the cars function like any other new car, even if they have crossed the age 50 years. Most of these cars have an odometer rating less than 10 miles at most.

You might be astonished to know that such aged cars and still in such good condition is almost impossible to find anywhere. The auction process is considered to be a holy grail for every vehicle collector. Many of the cars still features their plastic cover till this date. They even have price stickers upon their windows. The Imapala model, which was once sold at an amount of 3000 dollars in the year 1964, might now be priced by 40 times higher than what it had been sold back then.

According to sources, it has been found that many of these classic cars still contain original oil inside their engines, which is quite an amusing fact. Many car magazine editors consider that the cars might break a rough six figure when they are being put up for auction this month’s end.

The owner of this particular dealership ray Lambrecht does not believe in selling the trade-ins or even the last year’s models after the new ones had been launched in the market, thus, keeping almost all the old vehicles outside. He legitimately closed his dealership right in the year 1996 and has now decided on selling his collection.

These cars had been personally collected by ray, aged 95. He kept the cars just the way they were bought at that time, brand new, not even driven more than 10 miles. According to Pickering, this is one of a kind of classic auction, more like a legendary phenomenon that will be taking place later this month.


The collection is itself huge with almost 500 vehicles to choose from. Now, Chevy Deluxe belonging to the year 1950 is still featuring a 20 foot tree limb that has grown out of its bumper. They might be old and rusted, but Ray is in no plan to refurbish and clean them. He is of the opinion that it is up to the collector to decide that what he or she should do with cars.

Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on auction of second hand cars and other similar topics. He contributes regularly for latest British motor auctions news.

Summary: There is nothing like a classic car auction. It is essential for collectors to look out for auction news on leading news websites and TV channels.


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