Best Equipment For Outdoor Adventures

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If by any chance you are planning to go out of the city for a few days, you could decide to go on a camping trip. A few days under the open sky will clear your thoughts, so there is a good chance you will want to stay. To do this in a proper manner, you will need quality equipment. Here is a quick checklist on what will be needed.

Outdoor Adventure

Sleeping bag

No matter what kind of weather is expected, if you are headed for the mountains, you will need proper place to sleep. When you are buying sleeping bag, it is quite similar to buying shoes. It must fit you, for any inconvenience will spoil your enjoyment. Look for those which have good zipper closer, for it is the only where air might come in. Our recommendation is MontBell’s Ultralight Super Spiral Down Hugger, which is said to move together with you, due to its unusual construction. Although it is mentioned for three seasons, not four, it is still worth the money.


To protect yourself from potential harsh weather, you will need a proper jacket, of course. Wind and rain can be quite hard to stop, so you will want to take a look at the zipper, for there are those with a flap behind it, adding another level of protection for you. Also, packing up these will take some space, so see how big it is once folded. For all of these, The North Face’s Verto is your best bet. Safe, light and small when folded, it surely comes in handy.


What you will be wearing on your feet determines how far you can go. Your shoes need to be lightweight, durable and waterproof. You can simply neglect weather conditions and predictions which are expected, because it can always turn around, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. Besides being waterproof, shoes need to be breathable, for your feet must stay dry, a matter which is possible only with special, custom material. To pick specific brand is a bit ungrateful, but your choice should be anything from Merrel. They have decent reputation.


Knowing where you are, and where you are heading is of crucial importance, so therefore, pick the best you can afford. Just in case, take a good old map and compass with you, just to be sure. And as for GPS, Garmin is manufacturer so long in this field of work, that we can trust their reputation. For higher-level guidance, take a look at 65ot, from this manufacturer. Lithium-ion battery has quite decent amount of working hours, and if there is need, inserting three AA batteries is great feature.


Using propane-powered cooking system is the best thing to consider, no arguing about that fact. It must be reliable, for any kind of malfunction can cause severe damage to nature, and even harm you. See that your set is as light as possible, for having a barbecue in the open is nice, but packing that into a bag is quite impossible. Sol Ti Premium from Jet Boil is one of those feather light ones, so it is definitely worth considering.

Other technology

On this matter, it is completely up to you. Whether that would be solar-powered radio, a camera from Scoutguard, the choice is yours. Be careful just not to take too much things, for your backpack has limited capacity. Choose that which is essential, and you are good to go.

So, we have only scratched the surface of the things needed. There are also tents, backpacks and other standard items, but we wanted to cover a bit unconventional ones. Take your time and pick carefully.

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