Best Gadgets For Passionate Car Riders

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If you have a friend who loves cars and is just mad about them there are a couple of gifts that would leave them on edge with excitement. Well, this might be the most considerate gifts to a car rider fanatic rather than romantic. So yes, they are recommendable gifts for a valentine’s date especially if your better half loves cars and are better than a manual on how to book theory test. Anyway some of these gifts you will have to understand what they mean to most car rider fans and know that they mean a lot.


A Tinkerer

Now every car lover has dream tools and equipment’s that say how much he or she loves automobiles. Sometimes these tools are cluttered all over the garage or even if there are shelves they seem to have seen better days. So getting a tinkerer would be like buying a new and classy closet for a girl who loves her cloth collection.

The most amazing aspect of this particular gift is that it is built in a way that every drawer fits specific car tools, such as the Gearbox drawer can fit any Gearbox including heavy duty Gearbox. In other words, which car rider doesn’t want to have this in their possession? The answer is any.

Radar Detector – Passport 8500

There are many radar detectors that have been put out in the market with some raising alarm even over opening and closing of electric doors. So it becomes frustrating whenever you have to pullover at a gas station because it means setting off your radar detective unnecessarily. So with a Passport 8500 remain assured that it will be able to tell the difference between a cop radars gun and a security alarm. This means that unlike other radar detectives your car rider will only be alarmed whenever there is a cop’s car around. Now that should sound like a real gift.


These are high quality shades that will be worth any car rider through winter and summer. Well, the average shades get scratched, broken or worn out with time.

In fact the normal shades should be literally kept away from children but Brikos are real survivors. These shades can survive even the worst of times, this means you will not have to worry about getting them scratched or worn out anytime soon.

Furthermore, their lenses can be customized to your prescription and even to cater your kind of driving environment. These shades should protect you from alternating light frequencies which is quite common when driving through towns at night.

Cordless Headsets

These are a dream come true because it means you can drive while talking without having to get worried about getting the cord wounding around your gearbox and hands while driving. So it can be clumsy driving with the normal headsets but with cordless you should never be worried about such issues.

In other words, some of these gifts mean the world to most car rider fanatics and you will not be wrong when getting them. Well, you can teach someone how to book driving test but you can never teach a car lover how to appreciate a tinkerer or a cordless headset; the person will just love the gift.

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