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This blog is dedicated to name few best E Liquid Flavours. To get unique and amazing smoking experience, smokers who wish to quit smoking can choose appealing flavours to craft blended liquid nicotine. However, choosing right e-liquid flavor is not the only point to be considered while switching to e-cig. It is to choose right E Cigarette liquid nicotine in the right proportion to enjoy vaping and stop returning back to traditional tobacco smoking.

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The range of flavours that are available in E-cig is merely wonderful. The wide range of flavours available is e liquid is quite new concept which is not found in traditional smoking. Smokers can choose any imaginable flavour right from rich tobacco to sweet candy flavours. A lot of smokers who crave for tobacco smoking initially prefer tobacco flavored e liquid but gradually they shift to fruity or sweet juicy flavours like strawberry or apple. This transition between smoking and vaping is the way E Liquid flavours helps smoker to quit tobacco smoking.

Here are some best E Cigarette liquid flavours available in the market

Tobacco Flavours

Tobacco flavoured eliquids gives savory and fresh smell of freshly picked tobacco leaves.

It gives a fresh and aromatic taste similar to traditional hand rolled cigarettes or packed piped tobacco. The smokers can even find a variety of flavours blended with tobacco like tobacco-menthol, tobacco-cherry, tobacco-clove, tobacco-cocoa, etc. As described above, e-cig gives non hazardous vaping with this powerful essence of tobacco e-liquid that satisfies the need of smokers.

Fruity and Sweet Flavours

E Cigarette liquids are available in lot of sweet fruity and lime flavours. The smokers can find amazing fruit flavours of watermelon, cherry, kiwi, cranberry, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and fruit punch (mix of fresh tropical fruits with a hint of sweetness). They can also find juicy E Liquid flavours with the refreshing taste of lemon blended with sweet lime or brown sugar to give a hint of sweetness. The Cinnamon e liquid flavor is fantastic option for cinnamon lovers. Caramel e liquid available in the market combines the smooth roast cappuccino flavour blended with rich butterscotch and hint of vanilla.

Menthol Flavours

Use of menthol and mint to prepare E Liquid flavour is also a new experiment with e-cigarette. Menthol flavoured e liquid is one of the best selling flavours. Euphoric and refreshing taste of menthol rejuvenates the senses of the smokers. Menthol mixed with mint, lime, tobacco and clove is a great option for smokers who do not wish to lose that extreme menthol flavor.

The design of E-cigarette is beautiful and brilliant that suits your personality. The cost of refilling e-cigarette liquids is lower than filling the piped tobacco smoking. It is like must try option which gives perfect vaping at hot temperature creating delicious and massive smoking cloud with every puff.

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