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Modern day trade does not place the requisite of having in-depth knowledge of financial technicalities. A working knowledge of the related financial jargons and the process of trade serve the purpose. However, a little bit of calculated risk-bearing attitude is mandatory for all trades, the least of which is required in binary option trading. Simple identification techniques of asset price movement are another positive for breakout trading.


Easy and important fundamentals

Understanding a few basic financial jargons of option trading is essential but the positivity lies in the lucidity of its concepts. Strike price is the specific point within the anticipated range of asset price movement, where the outcome of the trade is decided. Asset price above the strike price is known as call option while the price below the strike price is put option. Both the call and put option trades can be done in cash or assets. Touch option is the act of deciding by the trader, on whether the asset price will move to a specific mark or point by expiry. The range of time which is required to complete any option trade is known as expiry. Pips are the units of measurement which tracks the asset price movement.

Numerous benefits of trade

The upsides of breakout trading are numerous as explained precisely in various sites. The idea lies in the trade’s simplicity of approach, ground rules and decision-making process wherein the call and put options are remarkably simple instruments. The predictability of returns for every trade is well defined even before the trade is completed. Market trades decide the direction of price movement of the underlying asset hence giving the trades a framework of limited outcomes. Flexibility in expiry period is another upside of the trade. The expiration period can have a spread within one minute to one month thus motivating the traders to invest without having to wait for a long period for receiving the trade returns. Easy accessibility through a secure online connectivity, even a mobile, can get the traders accomplish the act of trading.

Interesting aspects of concern

Timing is a very important and an essential point of note in binary options trading. Timing is everything because the trade occurs within a stipulated time frame or the expiration. Without the existence of expiration or expiry in trade, option trading does not remain valid.

One main advice for the beginners is to sell the option before the price falls and to buy it before the same rises. This trade logic is evident in and one of the main pillars of the Law of Demand and Supply in Economic Theory. Foreign Exchange trading is no different. Modifications, movements and momentum in currency trade are governed by this simple yet profound principle. Another noteworthy point is that traders do not need to fret over slippage, liquidity of contracts or margin calls. Winning and losing in trade is pre-defined and has a maxima and minima cap for each single option.

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