Breast Cancer – How to Increase Awareness

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We always hear about it, about someone, somewhere getting breast cancer. We don’t have a tendency to worry much about it, because it isn’t happening to us or someone close to us. We act as if we are immune to it, as we already have a known cure to treat It; and the ugly truth is that we don’t, and we aren’t immune. That is exactly why it is important to raise awareness, to increase the consciousness of people of this issue. And here, we will try and list a couple of the methods how to do that.

Breast Cancer


The first thing you have to do is to learn more about it. Read about it; talk with a doctor or someone who is familiar with the subject. Educate yourself more so you will be in the position to share the information with others. Read about the symptoms, about the ways how to detect it and most important – what kind of lifestyle should you lead in order to try and avoid it.

Go viral

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to share it. The good thing about the modern world and the developing technology is that spreading information is fairly easy. Internet is a great tool to raise awareness about this issue. Make a video, post it on you tube, share it on social networks, do whatever it takes for your word to be heard!

Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbon is the well-known symbol that represents breast cancer. Many people wear it to generally raise awareness and also to show support for breast cancer patients. Be creative; make jewelry and different accessories with this symbol; badges; key chains; even t-shirts and wardrobe. Organize an event and hand out these items to people who come – just try and make it visible!

Breast Cancer Campaign


Start a campaign! Perhaps it sounds difficult and like a lot of work, but the goal is worth-while. If you decide on this step, you could probably do some research and find some local organizations that are dealing with this issue, so you would have some support. Together, you could organize a fund-raising event or some activities to educate people more and ask for their contribution for fighting breast cancer.

Promote it

There are tons of ways you could activate yourself. Perhaps it’s a good idea to gather some of your friends and family and anybody willing to help, and try to promote your purpose. It’s always good to use some Cubic Promote promotional products, as flyers, posters, booklets and brochures. Ask a local printing shop to show support and print these promo materials. Also, ask local cafes, restaurants and markets to hang the posters on their walls and windows, perhaps keep some booklets and flyers on their counter and tables; anything they could to promote it better!


Don’t forget – start from yourself. Learn how to do a proper breast-exam all by yourself. It’s fairly easy and you can do it at home, in front of the mirror. Also, inform your friends and family of the importance of doing this. Perhaps, the best start is to go to the doctor’s office and ask of the right ways to do it, so you can do it alone the next time. While there, you could ask if they would be willing to spare some time and organize a tribune or some kind of stand, where they could talk about breast cancer and the ways of detecting it on time. It’s always good for people to hear from someone who deals with these issues on everyday basis.

Believe It or not, breast cancer is actually the leading type of cancer in women. This is why these tips on how to raise awareness are important. This is why we should keep spreading the word and knowledge about it. We can’t stop it by talking about it, but perhaps we can help somebody become aware of it on time. Perhaps, we can help somebody detect it while it’s in an early stage. And perhaps, we can save somebody today. Learn about it, talk about it, read about it, and most important – be aware about it.

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