Buying a Motorhome for Family Trips? A Few Handy Tips to Consider

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Buying a motorhome isn’t an undertaking that anyone should take lightly. Not only is there often a significant amount of money involved, but there’s also the safety of one’s family to take into consideration as well.

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Therefore, anyone buying a motorhome must understand exactly what to look out, and not only when buying a secondhand motorhome, but also when buying a new model.
Here we look at buying a secondhand motorhome.

1.      Know the difference between what you want and what you need
As you’ll soon discover, there’s a significant difference in price between a basic motorhome and a luxury model. Therefore you need to know the difference between what you want and what you need.
Consider your budget, the size of your family, the average length of the holidays you’ll be taking, how much comfort you require and then see what’s available.
Whilst you might find you can afford a few luxuries, you might also find you need to scale back your expectations.

2.      Consider the size and weight of the motorhome
This not only concerns the size of your family but also what you’ll be bringing with you – bikes and bike racks, luggage and supplies, boat, etc. – because you’ll need to consider the size and weight of the motorhome on its own and when it’s fully loaded.

Therefore you’ll need to understand terms such as Mass in Running Order (MIRO), Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) and Payload, which is the difference between the MIRO and the MTPLM.

3.      Which layout is the most suitable for your needs?
Motorhomes come in a variety of layouts so you’ll also need to consider which of the secondhand motorhomes you consider buying boasts the best layout for your needs.
There’s much to consider in this regard, such as the number of berths you require and bathroom/toilet, dining area and kitchen size and layout.

4.      Understand common problems
Certain motorhome brands and models are prone to faults, which is something that you’ll become aware of when you start researching secondhand motorhomes. Moreover, you should also note that what you add to your motorhome – this is also important when arranging cheap RV rentals – for example bike racks, could affect visibility or result in other problems, like extending the length of the motorhome making it difficult to park.

5.      Security considerations
Security is an important consideration to afford attention to when buying a motorhome. However, don’t make the mistake of affording security add-ons like alarm systems and wheel clamps more importance than factors that affect the suitability of the vehicle – condition, comfort, layout and payload, etc. – because these can all be bought reasonably affordably separately, either secondhand or new.

6.      Find out as much as possible about the motorhome
Research the motorhomes you consider buying – log book, MOT and tax certificates, VRM documentation, ownership and warranty documents, service receipts, etc. – and create exterior and interior checklists to help you further understand the suitability of a motorhome before entering into negotiations with the seller. Consider paying for something along the lines of an Experian vehicle check – they’re well worth the small fee involved.

7.      Don’t be afraid to seek (or pay for) assistance
Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask a friend who knows motorhomes well for assistance, or if you don’t know of anyone who can help, then ask someone like your mechanic to help you look over the vehicle. Whilst they’ll charge you for their services, it’s certainly worthwhile paying for their expertise.

Take these tips into account when sourcing a secondhand motorhome for sale and have a blast camping in the great outdoors.


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Apollo is a brand with a long and prestigious history of award winning standards and service for their quality though cheap RV rentals. They have grown to become the largest privately owned leisure vehicle operator in the Southern Hemisphere.

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