Buying Land To Build Your Own Home In Thailand

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If you’ve decided on a dream location, yet just can’t find the perfect property within it, building your own home has become a popular option with many people who want to create a property to their own specification. It’s becoming so popular, that many governments are encouraging self-build homes by giving grants, as well as making it easier to get planning permission for such projects. Many expatriates in Thailand are taking advantage of the cheap land, and inexpensive labour available to build their dream homes from the ground up. Here are a few things to think about if you want to build in Thailand.

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Choosing a location

If you’re not a full resident of Thailand, you’ll need to research the local ownership laws, as expatriates can’t always own land outright. However, if you’re married to a Thai national or own a company, there are ways around these issues.

When choosing a piece of land, consider:

  • Access to power and water supplies
  • Accessibility for transport
  • What’s in the local area
  • The danger of flooding or subsidence
  • The climate of the area

It’s usually best to get an expert such as a surveyor in before you put down an offer, even if the price seems too good to pass up. This will avoid any building issues down the line, and means you can make an informed decision.


Hiring an architect in Thailand is fairly easy, and they often work for the local council too, so will be able to advise on any planning issues as you go along. In general, the planning laws aren’t as strict as many other countries, but you may have to be willing to compromise on certain things. If you need some inspiration for your new home, look at some Thai property for sale, and you’ll soon see the kind of houses that are favoured in Thailand. Remember that you’ll want your home to be weatherproof, and it needs to suit your lifestyle and be comfortable.


Some architecture firms also have their own builders on contract, and this means they can project manage the job from start to finish. If you’ve not been in Thailand for long, and aren’t familiar with the culture and customs, this can be a godsend. However, if you’d like to choose your own builders, it’s best to go with recommendations from a friend. Make sure you get a quote for both materials and labour, and remember that it’s not customary to pay anything upfront. Rather, you should reach an agreement with your builder about paying in instalments while the work is being done.

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Many architects and builders will be able to do at least the basics of your interior, and should leave your home in a habitable condition. However, the finer points of interior design are often left up to you, so you can decide whether to do a DIY decorating job, or to get the professionals in. It’s up to you whether you wait until the building is complete, or plan the interiors during construction.

Building your own home is a great way to get the property you’ve always wanted, and to get a home in even the most popular of areas. That’s why buying land is such a popular option in countries such as Thailand, where you can take advantage of the cheaper materials and labour to allow you to build the home you’ve always dreamed of, in the location that you want, with much less planning to worry about.

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