Caring for Your Children’s Clothes

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Parents often spend considerable amounts of money on clothes for their little ones to keep them comfortable and looking good. However, without proper care and attention new clothes, regardless of their quality, often fail to last as long as they should or we would expect them to and therefore become an unnecessary expense.

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Know how to care for your children’s clothes

Those little labels at the back of your kids’ t-shirts and jeans weren’t put there to help you hang them on the line, they were put there to help you understand how to care for them by washing, drying and ironing them properly.

Different materials require different care, so if you are to keep your children’s clothes looking good and your children comfortable whilst wearing them, you will need to take note of the instructions by reading the label before washing.

Certain clothes should be hand washed, others washed in warm water and many items shouldn’t be tumble dried, which is generally a good rule to adhere to for all items of clothing including your own, as line drying is well known for extending the lifespan of clothing.

However, if you live somewhere with intensive sunshine, turn t-shirts and other easily faded items, including dark colours, inside out to prevent the sun taking its toll.

Inspect and sort clothes before washing them

Kids have a habit of filling their pockets full of ‘stuff’ and quite often that ‘stuff’, whatever it might be, shouldn’t come into contact with clothing and water, like pens and bits and pieces of, for lack of a better description, ‘stuff’.

Zippers should be zipped up before placing in the washing machine to avoid snagging and tearing other items, and if your children have a tendency to rip their clothing, check for holes and tears which if mended before washing, won’t become further damaged in the wash. This is also the case with stains that can be treated before they’re washed, dried and become more difficult to remove.

Brightly coloured clothes, darks and denims should be washed separately for the first few washes, and as a general rule it is always advisable to sort the wash into colours, or at least lights and darks.

Select detergents wisely

If you have very young children then you’re probably tempted to buy a detergent specifically for your youngster’s clothes. This, however, isn’t necessary unless they have allergies, a skin condition or very sensitive skin and their clothes can generally be washed with the rest of the family’s.

You can also reduce the likelihood of skin irritation by opting for a liquid rather than powdered detergent because liquid detergents wash out more easily and won’t leave behind flakes that have a tendency to cause skin irritations in young children.

It’s also advisable try out a new detergent for a few washes before shopping for that particular detergent on a regular basis, and obviously if your children experience any kind of skin irritation because of a particular detergent you will want to source a new one, preferably one without fragrances or dyes.

Drying clothing properly

As a general rule it is best to line dry your children’s clothes as opposed to tumble drying them, though this doesn’t always prove convenient due to the weather and other considerations, though when feasible it will prove advantageous to line dry.

As mentioned earlier, when line drying clothes turn darks and clothing that is prone to fading inside out to avoid the toll the sun generally takes on clothing, and if you have to use a tumble dryer don’t overload the machine or leave the clothes you bought at an online boys clothes sale in longer than necessary as this will also take its toll on your children’s clothes, particularly synthetics.

 Storing clothing properly

To extend the life of your children’s clothes it is also necessary to store them properly, and don’t forget to check your wardrobes for bugs and moths that find children’s clothing impossible to resist.

Ensuring that every item of clothing is washed and completely dry prior to storing them will help to extend their lifespan, as will putting rarely used or seasonal clothing in plastic bags prior to storing them away.

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