How to Eat the Rainbow

Sep 13, 2016 by

A lot of us tend to follow kind of a “beige” diet. Think about it: meats, bread, rice, quinoa, granola, and oats—they all fall within the light tan-to-brown color range. “Eating the rainbow,” then, refers to embracing all colors of the rainbow in your diet, particularly with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting a wide variety of ingredients, all while keeping things interesting to the eye. Since eating the rainbow may require a shift in lifestyle for you, here are some tips on embracing the “eat the rainbow” lifestyle. Know your rainbow. The first step to eating the rainbow is to, of course, know your rainbow. There exists a wide variety of foods that fall all over the color spectrum, many of which...

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Medicine for Diabetes Can Help You Lose Weight!...

Mar 29, 2016 by

Researchers nowadays have noted a significant effect in a person’s weight when they take medicine for diabetes.

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Are you storing your medicine correctly?...

Mar 12, 2016 by

Spring is the ideal time of the year to reorganise and throw out any unnecessary items in your home.

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How to keep the pounds off over new year...

Jan 8, 2016 by

Festive seasons are likely to cause weight gain among people who are not careful during the periods.

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Increasing Calcium Won’t Boost Bone Health?...

Dec 10, 2015 by

In a world where you have to be very careful what you introduce into your body, you have to make sure ….

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Yes! You Can Slow Down Your Metabolism and Gain Weight!...

Nov 24, 2015 by

Yes! You Can Slow Down Your Metabolism and Gain Weight!
If you want to gain weight, but you have a very high metabolism ….

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