Cellar Conversion?

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When trying to add value and space to your current property you can sometimes be flummoxed about what to do next. You need to understand what will provide the much needed space your family needs and will also work with what you currently have.


Depending on the space your current property has, a cellar conversion can often be the ideal way to add useable space and value to your property. The only downside to this is, you do need a pre-existing cellar to convert. However, in a lot of Victorian style properties they already do.

A cellar can work wonders to transform a home that is lacking vital space for the family. Unlike converting loft space that is at the top of a property into additional, bedrooms, bathrooms or home offices, a basement can lend itself well to create additional living space. As a cellar is located close to the main living areas of a home and has greater access, it become so much more versatile than a loft conversion.

In a typical family, especially younger families tend to spend a lot more time living downstairs in the living area than in the bedrooms. So as a conventional rule, the space tends to work best as extra family living space such as a second living room, playroom or home study.

Increasing the living space in your property gives your family the opportunity to have their own space to enjoy, play or relax whilst all still being close together.

A cellar conversion can vary in size dependant on your property. Some properties will already of have a deep cellar, in which there is a head height of at least 6ft in order for the property to be liveable. Whist other cellars may need to be dug out to make a great and useable space.

When converting your cellar space, it is incredibly important that you consult an architect and a full trained build capable of handling such as special project throughout the entirety of the project. Cellar conversions lay close to the existing foundations of the property and that of any possible neighbours.

Loft conversions are great, but cellar conversions can really provide a family with plenty of space. Cellar conversions can be turned into pretty much anything, even a spacious and fully functional kitchen/diner.

By adding a basement to a two storey house you can get as much as 50 per cent more floor area without having to increase the size of the footprint or having to sacrifice any more garden. Basements have a big appeal for growing families who do not want to move house. Allowing families to stay put and expand their family home for the better.

It has been estimated that in the UK we need 4 million new homes in the next 20 years, and to maximise space and make the most of homes, the government is advising properties to invest in basements now. Make the most of everything your property has to offer your family.

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