Chef Job: An Interesting Career

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Do you like cooking sumptuous food for your family and loved ones? Do people enjoy your food and call you a master chef. If yes, then have you ever thought of making a career out of this? Read to know more about a career as a chef.

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‘Chef’ is a French word that means ‘Chief’ and chief is a person who is in charge of something. So, what does a chef take care of? A chef is a professional cook who is responsible for managing the operations of kitchen in a restaurant or hotel. The person needs to be an efficient person who can manage a lot of responsibilities of deciding, cooking and designing the recipes without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food. 


Chef Job includes a wide range of responsibilities such as:

  • Prepare and cook food
  • Maintain hygiene in cooking
  • Plan food menu and preparation with team
  • Maintain the quality of the food served
  • Managing a team of cooks in the kitchen
  • Ordering food supply, etc.

The job of a chef includes huge responsibilities that require the person to be creative, passionate about cooking, patient and highly skilled. Having knowledge of different variety of food recipes is mandatory, including soups, salads, and desserts.

Institutes and Eligibility

To become a chef, a degree in hotel management can pave the way for you. The minimum qualification required to become a chef is 10+2 pass. In India, several reputed institutes like Oberoi Institute of Hotel Management, Institute of Hotel Management, and IIHM School of Hotel Management are available that offer degree in hotel management. These institutes offer training in cooking techniques, banquet services, kitchen equipment, and a lot more.

Job Prospects

Chefs have a bright future in hotel industry. Chef jobs are prestigious and exciting career option. The field has delivered several famous personalities like Jacques Pepin, Sanjeev Kapoor, James Beard and Julia Child.

Job opportunities are available in clubs, resorts, banquets, hotels, and restaurants. Moreover, with experience, the professionals can even start their own restaurant, publish cooking books and start their television cooking shows. The job prospects are huge that include different roles:

  • Head Chef- Job description of head chef includes menu planning, monitoring staff, hiring kitchen staff, etc. In short, head chef is not typically involved in cooking, but is responsible for overall activities in the kitchen.
  • Sous Chef/Second Chef- Sous chef is the cooking in-charge. Considered as a second chef, the professional is responsible for supervising the entire staff in the kitchen and is involved in cooking as well.
  • Chef de Partie/Station Chef- Also known as the line cooks, they are the professionals who are typically involved in cooking. Line cooks can be categorized as sauté cook (responsible for sauces and other sauté items), vegetable cook (cook vegetable items, soups, starters, etc.), and roast cook (responsible for braised and roasted items).
  • Other Job Roles- Apart from above job titles, some kitchens also feature other roles such as pastry chef and pantry chef.

Thus, the job of a chef is more than a simple profession; it is a passion for cooking and serving others. Along with natural talent of cooking lip-smacking cuisines, professional courses in culinary career can do wonders in your life where you can get ample opportunities to work with reputed hotels, restaurants resorts, private clubs, etc. With the mushrooming restaurants, hotels and clubs, the employment opportunities for chefs are good.

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