Chic Holiday Looks with the Right Accessories

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When it comes to finding the right look while you are away, more often than not it is a long drawn out wardrobe process. Whether you’re looking for a slinky black number for your husband or searching for the ultimate handbag, there are many steps to consider. Firstly, take a look at your drawers to see what’s lying around before you decide to embark on a spot of retail therapy. But what are some of the ultimate looks as well as accessories to muster up?

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One of the main factors here is how to incorporate a little colour into your outfits. In this way, you will not only stand out from the crowd but make the right impression when out and about. For ladies bright pastel colours work well such as orange, yellow and blue whilst for men why not add a cashmere jumper for the evening on top to accentuate. Colours include;

  • Aqua blue.
  • Green.
  • Mauve.
  • Red.
  • Camel.
  • Grey or silver.


This area is not for the feint hearted and can be extremely playful for both males as well as females. Expose your playful side and experiment with a number of different colours and textures. In addition to this fabrics and materials work well for a lightweight look whilst accessories of note feature;

  • Beach bags or holdalls.
  • Khakis or longer shorts.
  • Belts.
  • Boat style shoes offering maximum portability, lightweight looks and effortless chic.

Brooches and necklaces

This is definitely one for the ladies! If you are looking to spruce up your look whilst you are on that trip of a lifetime then finding the right type of bespoke silver jewellery is one option. If combined together in the right fashion then you will be able to accessorize to suit any particular occasion. In addition to this, the right piece will set off whatever you are wearing and may just dazzle one or two!


Whether you decide to dress them up or down, jackets of any type are considered to be one of the ultimate fashion accessories. Wherever you are in the world you can wear linen jackets for maximum effect and to keep cool not to mention smarter ones for the evening. If you want to match your jacket with a fashion item why not purchase;

  • A lightweight double cuffed shirt made from cotton.
  • A low v neck t shirt for the ideal smart casual look.
  • A thin top to provide a two in one outfit that can be easily changed.


Depending on what time of day it is, this could easily fit into your daily holiday look. For ladies, you can have the chance to choose from a number of different brands as well as materials. However, in order to come to the right fashion decision you will need to find the right bag for;

  • Daily use which could be something sturdy and slightly bigger to include all your bits and bobs.
  • Evening attire which will certainly be a lot smaller and sleeker to match your outfit.
  • The occasion from smart and sophisticated to a casual coffee during the afternoon.


If you find the right pair of shades then should set up for the day. Finding the right lenses for your face is an important aspect of achieving the ultimate fashion statement. Therefore, choose with caution and procure the right ones to give you that smart yet subtle look.

It is an exciting challenge (but not arduous) in order to find the right clothes not mention accessories for your trip. Whether you have an upcoming vacation or planning the next one, follow some of these steps to set the trends not just follow them.

Author: DETDET

Catering to customers across the globe, DETDET supplies quality bespoke silver jewellery pieces from their base in Ibiza. Their items are unique and one-offs created by Tanja Ting.

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