Choosing Tables for Small Office Meetings and Big Corporate Boardroom

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Meeting rooms and corporate executive boardrooms have a certain style and flair that should never be undermined with poor quality furniture. These are rooms where important business decisions and collaborations are forged, and the quality of the table creates the right setting and mood. Keeping this in mind, our organization wanted to install the right tables for our small meeting office that hosted in-house departmental meetings and the large corporate executive boardroom.

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We first did some research and fixed a budget for the tables. We used the power of the Internet to conduct a thorough research and this helped us come up with a realistic budget. After all, the budget for the tables would determine the quality. And, we were very particular about the quality. We wanted nothing but the best.


The next thing we took into account was the dimension of the rooms. The small meeting room was, well, small. It could accommodate just six people comfortably and eight in a tight squeeze! So we wanted a table that could fit into the room and still have enough space around it for free movement of people. The last thing we wanted was the participants getting up to let latecomers reach their chairs.

The big corporate executive boardroom was spacious, but we didn’t want a table that would overpower the room or overshadow the décor. Also, we were looking for something elegant and modern that is befitting the setup and manages to portray our business image right.

Endless Choices

When we approached Emanate Design, we were impressed with the choices that were offered. The company manufactured tables using the finest materials, such as mahogany, pine, oak, cherry and stainless steel. The result was an elegant, professional looking table that had an executive touch to it. The metal tables used metal as their main material, which was combined with wood to give it professional yet contemporary and fresh look. The end result was truly fantastic.

Minimalist Patterns

Whether the meeting room is big or small, minimalism is in vogue today. We were looking for something that was not garish, but still bold and sleek to look at. We were amazed that we could find such tables. With minimal trims, the tables still managed to appear glossy and classy. Also, we could find the design and size that completely matched with our décor and room size. The tables did not have too much decoration, so they set the right mood to host meetings, but still did not make the ambience feel stuffy and oppressive.

Functional Tables

Meeting rooms and boardrooms require tables that are functional. Hence, we also wanted to find tables that offered ample storage space to keep files, papers, documents, notepads, pens and pencils. We succeeded in our quest, as the tables we selected had spacious drawers without appearing old-fashioned or outdated. I suppose it was the clear glass top that lent an air of modernity and exclusivity to the tables that our old meeting room tables lacked.

The End Result

The table for the small meeting office was compact, but large enough to let participants sit comfortably. It fit into the room without any difficulties. What we liked was the table was small enough to be comfortable and big enough not have someone breathing down your neck or peeking over your shoulder. The unique minimalist look of the table made the room appear less intimidating and this worked wonders to alleviate stress and tension during meetings.

The table for the corporate executive boardroom was sleek, modern and impressive to look at without being overpowering or outrageous. Its metal and wood combination looked right at home in a room where important business decisions and strategies are made and discussed. We thought of going in for a round table, but decided against it because of the shape and size of the room. However, we all felt the round table would make the management and board members feel more united and cooperative. Ultimately, we settled for a rectangular metal, glass and wood table that transformed the room and made it look modern and professional.


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