Choosing the Right Host for Your Website

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One of the most important parts of operating a business, nowadays, is having a functional and well-designed website, especially since it has been shown that 97% of consumers will research online before making a major purchase. Because of this, the importance of your website hosting cannot be overstated, as you can have the best designed website in the world, but it won’t make a lick of difference if it is unreliable and often down. Choosing the right host for your website is a stressful decision for some, though, and it can often seem like an overwhelming chore. However, if you know what to look for, it is much easier to make an educated decision on this topic. Here are some tips for choosing the right host for your website…

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Know what you need out of a hosting service

The first thing you need to do, before deciding which host you want for your website, is really get to the heart of what your website needs from its host. Your needs are going to adapt and change depending on several factors, such as the type of website you are building, the applications you need, whether you want to sell things directly from your website, the amount of traffic you expect to receive on a daily basis, and whether you need specialized software. Your answers to each of those factors is going to greatly affect the host that you will eventually decide to go with, because there isn’t one single right answer. There will be many right answers that derive from your particular situation.

Look up reviews on how reliable the service is

The primary function of your web host should be to keep your website up and functioning, otherwise nothing matters. This should be the first statistic that you look for when you are deciding on a host for your website. Any host worth their salt will have a strong server and sustainable network. To help you decide, you’ll need to test the uptime that they provide to their clients, which should be over 99.5% of the time, at least, and never below 99%. There are many online apps that can help you test this. Things that cause it to go down are over traffic and technical issues with updating your website (which you’ll want to do often, in order to be successful, as this article here shows).

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Pick one that will be easy to upgrade

Most websites are always looking to grow. Nobody wants to stay small, especially when there is money to be made! However, you can’t purchase your own private server and pay a staff to operate it while you are still a small business. Instead, you’re going to hope to upgrade, one day. For this reason, you’re going to want to examine what the upgrading process will be for the host that you go with. Find a host that will allow you to grow without large inconveniences.

Price check

This is an obvious one, but it is still important to discuss. There is a wide range, price-wise, of hosts you can go with for your website. These prices are typically reflected in premium options that can be utilized on your website. However, not all of these features are necessary for every website. To be a little nicer to your budget, take a look at the special features that each host offers, and determine whether it is something that would actually be beneficial for the type of site that you have.

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How user friendly do you need it to be?

If you have a designated IT team, then you’ll be able to use most any host that you desire to. However, if you are looking to manage a lot of your website, yourself, then you are going to need to find a host that fits your technical capabilities. Think about the type of user-friendliness that you are going to require from your host. Another important aspect of this is to do research on their customer support program, and see how responsive it is to issues that arise.

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