Creative Ways to Use Shipping Containers

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So it’s a metal construction made for storage and shipping cargo, what’s the big deal, right? Wrong!

Shipping Containers

Yes, that was their primary function and they were used as storage devices and movie props on sets, but don’t underestimate these seemingly simple steel containers. Lately, people have been giving it more and more attention, and you have no idea what they came up with. They realized that these storage containers have many advantages, as their low cost, resistance, durability and many more! So of course, they decided to make a more interesting way to reuse them, and here we will try to single out the most creative ones!

Museums and Art

Some more creative minds decided to put their wit in building museums and works of art, out of shipping containers of course. And, they actually have a name for it; they’re officially calling it – ConatainerArt. It’s actually a public art event where they use shipping containers to display works of contemporary art. Also, they are using it as an art gallery and performance venue. Some of them even use the containers to make art out of them, such as sculptures and different configurations. We guess the human mind really has no limits!


Offices, restaurants, shops, retail buildings… you name it – they made it! Some people just saw them as a great opportunity for opening a business. And why not? They are portable, sustainable and actually really functional! Perhaps the best example is a mall just out of Ukraine, known as the Seventh Kilometer Market. It’s a complex of shipping containers stacked one upon another with ladders as the only way for people to get to the top. Brilliant, right? Also, some people found usage in making pop-up shops. Such as fast food joints, newsstands, ice-cream parlors best works for seasonal jobs, because they’re temporary and easily moveable!

Container House


And there’s this! Believe it or not, but some people are making homes, houses and apartments out of shipping containers – and the best part? They are amazing! Also, hotels, motels and whatever else pops to your mind! Why you ask? Well, it’s quite reasonable actually. It’s a way cheaper and faster solution and it looks great! And don’t worry; there are specialized companies whose job is to transform these metal boxes into comfy homes! They equip it with plumbing and electricity and everything a house actually needs. The insulation is an important thing that is quite easy to set up in these containers, so it’s quite comfortable to live in hot and humid climates.


You can always use it for what they’re made for, but where’s the fun in that, right? Actually, it’s important to remember how functional these metal boxes really are. Whether you need something for site work, storing equipment, keeping machinery or just general storage – a container shelter is the thing for you. They offer great protection and coverage of all your items that you need to preserve. They are easy for stacking, they’re adaptable and of low cost, what else could you ask for?

Also, we mentioned before, that shipping containers were used on movie sets. The reason for this is that these containers are very strong and solid. It is said that they can withstand hurricanes and tornadoes. Sometimes, they are used to make an industrial settings and portable structures. Also, they have a capability of storing a great quantity of cargo.

Container Shop

Not so skeptical about those steel boxes anymore, huh? Well we tried our best to show you the benefits and advantages of using shipping containers for different kinds of purposes. And, it’s also good to know that you can either buy or rent these shipping containers, so you don’t have to worry if you need it just for a short-term period.

Also, we tried to list some more interesting and creative ways for people to use them. So we showed you that now you can live, work, make business and make art, actually do anything you wish – with just a shipping container. Who would have known that one seemingly simple steel square box can have that much practical use in everyday life? Well, we guess you do learn something new every day.

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