Designing and Maintaining an Open Carport

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If you have a car you need a carport to protect it from the elements. A carport is consequently a worthy addition to your home as it helps to mitigate vehicle depreciation, plus weather-beaten vehicles can prove just as difficult to sell as homes without carports, though they can, however, prove expensive to have constructed due to the materials often used in their design and construction.


This doesn’t have to be the case as in some climes – most notably countries like Australia – open carports are a cost effective alternative to enclosed carports and in addition to storing the family car they can be used as covered areas to entertain family and friends.

Designing an open carport for your home

There are a plethora of open carport designs to consider for your home ranging from simple flat-roofed designs to much grander designs that could be mistaken for something else – a half-completed luxury home perhaps?

You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on an open carport; however, not only is there no need to, but it’s also actually not advisable in most cases because carports should complement the design of the home and other structures – patios, verandas, etc. – rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, albeit one with an exorbitant ring.

There are several reasons for this, most notably:

  1. It would detract from the overall appearance of your home
  2. It could make selling your home for a good price more difficult
  3. You most likely wouldn’t be able to recoup the cost of the carport

As that’s so, there are a few things to bear in mind when sourcing a suitable carport design for your home, including:

  1. The design and materials used should complement your home
  2. Two-car carports are a more astute choice than one-car carports
  3. Your budget should be in line with the value of your property

These are important considerations to take note of because you not only have to consider your present needs but also your future needs, most notably selling your home for a good price at a later point in time.

This is why opting for a two-car carport is advisable – provided you have the space for a two-car carport – because you might need to buy a second car in the future and homebuyers are usually more inclined to source properties with double carports than they are single carports.

Recouping the cost of an open carport

Recouping the cost of building an open carport is easy in countries like Australia as you can install photovoltaic panels on the roof of your carport to reduce your electricity bills, plus any excess electricity generated can be sold back to energy suppliers netting you a tidy extra income.

Adding guttering is another way to aid you in recouping the costs of building a carport as you can collect water when it rains and reduce your water bills, not to mention not having to adhere to water restrictions in summer.

If you’re considering adding photovoltaic panels to the roof of your carport you should discuss your intentions with qualified tradesmen specialising in Melbourne patiosand roofingwho’ll carry out the work. Some designs and materials are a better choice than others due to the additional weight imposed on the roof and structure.

Maintaining your open carport

The materials used in the construction of your carport will determine how much maintenance it requires and how much that maintenance sets you back financially.

For the most part, open carports are very affordable and easy to maintain because they’re simple structures and you therefore needn’t worry about roller doors and other features which often require frequent maintenance and part replacements.

To keep your carport well-maintained and looking attractive:

  1. Have wooden structures treated for problem ants like termites
  2. Remove oil stains (cat litter is an excellent product!) regularly
  3. Check the roof regularly and remove mould to prevent rusting
  4. Regularly clear leaves and debris from the guttering
  5. Have structural problems addressed immediately

Open carports are an excellent investment in warm climes like Australia’s. Take note of these tips to choose the right design and keep your open carport looking like new for longer.

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