Do not take a chance with anterior hip replacement surgery!

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When I was asked by Paul, our family physician, to consider a hip surgery, I was a bit terrified. While going under the knife is always intimidating, the very fact that I was over sixty years old sort of scared me. So, we did some research, and it was Paul who suggested that I consider the anterior hip replacement surgery centers. I was very relieved to learn the anterior approach is a minimally invasive hip replacement procedure which ensures that no muscles are cut during the procedure.

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Paul showed me how it worked, doctors would merely displace the muscles that surround the hip joint, and then insert a hip prosthesis. This would definitely mean less trauma, less post operative care and a faster recovery.

There are quite a few anterior hip replacement surgery centers in Naples, Florida. Some of these medical establishments are pioneers when it comes to seeking help in hips, knees or shoulder related problems. This team of doctors has access to the industry’s most advanced digital equipment and electronic medical record system. This is combination, with the trained and dedicated professional staff results in an experience designed to put one at ease and does away with all the tension and trauma of surgery. The teams have heavily invested in specialized surgical personnel and operating equipment for the orthopedic patient, such as the hana® Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Table, which doctors use in the highly specialized direct anterior approach technique to hip replacement surgery. The doctors spend a lot of time with the patients so that they are fully aware of their own complications, construct a well defined recovery manual, and follow through with them to the optimum conclusion of their problem.

One of the most crucial factors while choosing an orthopedic facility is the location. Southwest Florida has facilities which are conveniently located near state highways. The proximity of these facilities to major traffic arteries and regional and international airports makes access easy for local, seasonal or international patients.

I was put at ease when I found that my issues were very suitably addressed. I also realized that there are some very interesting facilities for people who have want to have a nice post operative stay near the facilities – there are a lot of options here starting with golf courses, multiplexes, activity areas and gymnasiums.

The most important facility that I loved was the fact that I knew beforehand what my cost implications were, and the exact procedures that I would endure. It is for this reason that I will always remember my visit to Naples.

Authors Biography:

Mark is a retired navy person. He enjoys golf and travelling. Mark fell down the stairs last year and needed hip replacement procedures. Along with his family physician, he surveyed several anterior hip replacement surgery centers.

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