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Christmas is once again just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to buy our friends and family. This, of course, is a lot easier for some people than it is for others. However, with the right research and a little time, everyone can get the right Christmas gifts without feeling too much of that last minute pre-shopping pressure.

Baby Box

Buying gifts for our children is probably one of the easiest forms of Christmas shopping, as we all know well in advance exactly what they want or what they expect. In many ways the biggest challenge of buying a child a Christmas present is getting them something that they weren’t really expecting and actually surprising them.

For parents with very young children or babies, choosing the right Christmas gifts is also very important. They may be very young but we all soon find out which items are their favourites and which ones tend to be neglected or even flatly rejected. So, to help you choose, here are few great gift ideas that should bring a smile to any baby’s face.

1. Soft Building Blocks

Babies love nothing more than to play with brightly coloured soft building blocks. These come in a variety of styles and materials, which are of course, completely safe for the very young. These can be scattered around in the play area and the child just builds them up and knocks them down again. A very simple idea, but then, many of the best often are.

2. Gift Sets

A baby gift set or a baby box will always make an ideal Christmas present. These wonderful sets contain a number of useful yet pleasing items such as baby socks, blankets, jumpsuits and whole host of other beautifully made baby items. So, if you are looking for something incredibly useful as well as pleasing for your child, a baby box would most definitely be a good choice.

3. Mobiles

The mobile is something that has been used for generations to keep babies both occupied and to stimulate them when they are lying in their cots. Most can be just hung from the ceiling or even attached to the cot. A very colourful cheap and cheerful addition to any nursery.

4. Push Toys

Nursery push toys are great for keeping a baby occupied as well as of course, helping them to walk. These come in a number of designs and styles from helicopters to the big wheel. Most also create sounds such as clicks for added stimulation. A baby will be straight on to one of these and will wobbling around the nursery in no time at all.

5. Bath Sets

A set of colourful bath toys can make bathing much more fun for a baby. You can buy these in a range of designs from animals to funny animated type beings. Many even squirt water to add a bit of extra fun to the occasion. These bath time toys certainly inject a bit of laughter into bath times and will make a perfect Christmas gift.

6. Stackers                                                                                  

The stacker toy comprises of a small pole with a stand and a number of colourful hoops. Each hoop is a slightly different size so when stacked in order it creates a pyramid type structure. Great for your child’s motor skills development as well as good for keeping them occupied. These are of course, always toxin free and completely safe for babies.

7. Ball Drop Toys

The ball drop toy is made up of a number of circular tiers. A ball is dropped into the top tier and the ball moves around until it drops down. Ideal for repeated play and will keep young infants occupied for hours. These come in pack form, so that they can be easily dismantled.

8. Soft Toys

Christmas wouldn’t be complete for an infant without of course a new soft toy. The teddy bear still seems to be one of the firm favourites but there are a few new contenders including fluffy rabbits, and cabbage patch type dolls.

The ideal Christmas gift for an infant is one that they will both enjoy as well as helping them to grow and develop.

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