Easing Physical Pain Without Medication

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The pain associated with many ailments can only be relieved through medication. Or at least that is what a lot of individuals believe. In reality, there are many ways in which pain can be reduced, from simply feeling content and using mind over matter to using certain natural treatments such as massage.

Physical Pain

Of course, this will all depend on how much pain one is in and the source of the pain, and in some cases analgesics will indeed be needed to help one cope with serious physical discomfort. However, scientific research over the past few years has shown us a surprising number of things about pain from the fact that a great deal of it may well be down to anxiety to the fact that simply having a support network around can help one to feel far less pain.

Relaxing is one of the best ways to reduce pain. The less anxious you feel about the source of pain, the less pain you are going to feel. As such, the likes of Prozac were once given as painkillers as these reduced how anxious individuals were. Some similar medicines were also given instead of anaesthetic, and if individuals felt happier, they could undergo surprising levels of surgery without being put under.

That is not to say that individuals should look at swapping one medication for another when trying to deal with pain, as this will be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. And Peter can be a great deal more vindictive than Paul. However, what it does mean is that individuals may be able to reduce the pain they feel by improving their mood and reducing the stress and tension they feel. In turn, the likes of massage therapy may be a very good way to help one reduce physical discomfort.

However, massage products will not just help reduce pain by reducing anxiety and inducing a deep level of relaxation. Instead, a good massage will also help improve blood flow throughout the body, ensuring that physical repairs are made quicker within the body and that the body is kept in the best possible condition.

Massages can help relieve the symptoms of a whole range of different ailments from arthritis right through to sciatica and therefore whilst such treatment will be relaxing you and helping you to better cope with pain, such treatment may well also be improving your condition at the very same time.

Those who wish to avoid using painkillers to help them deal with pain may also need a close support group around them. Other scientific studies have shown that mental pain and physical pain are linked and in turn that feeling soothed mentally and feeling the warm glow of friendship can help one to feel less physical pain. As such, there are many ways to help reduce pain and those who might wish to reduce the number of painkillers they take should look at how the likes of massage machines and spending more time amongst those they love could dramatically improve their physical – and indeed their mental – state, all without the need for medication.

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