Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage

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With warm weather comes the desire to do some spring cleaning and organization. And if your homes are like most, then chances are your garage has become a catch-all for seasonal and holiday items, as well as hardware, landscaping tools, and the other odds and ends that seem to have runneth over many moons ago. Fortunately, while space in your garage may be somewhat limited, there are many things you can do to make the most of the space you do have. Here are a few ideas:

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Wide shelves beneath the ceiling.
Many modern garages have pretty high ceilings, and if this is the case with your garage, why should you let that excess space go to waste? Install wide shelves (preferably wired so you can see the shelf’s contents without having to grab a ladder) about two feet below the ceiling, support brackets to provide added stability, and then use those shelves for oversized but lightweight items – like boxes of light Christmas decorations, artificial Christmas trees, and random sports equipment.

Peg boards along the walls.
Peg boards are incredibly useful. When combined with hooks and racks of varying sizes and weight-supporting abilities, you’ve created incredibly versatile storage that can be adjusted as your storage needs change. Use heavy-duty hooks along the bottom row of peg boards for heavier items, and smaller hooks for lighter items that can be placed higher up (such as hand-operated gardening tools). Websites such as Garage Appeal have many organizational dream items like peg boards to assist with your garage organization needs.

Open shelves.
Open shelves are a must if you have bulky items that won’t fit into cabinets. And, shelves are typically cheaper than cabinets. Purchase a few large plastic bins to store on your shelves, and use the bins to store items that might otherwise roll away – such as balls.

For the handyman (or handywoman), install cabinets that also feature work benches and cubbies. Use this area to keep your tools and general hardware items organized. The cubbies can store yard gear as well as winter items like boots and shovels.

Milk crates.
Milk crates can be lined up along the walls of your garage to provide extra storage space, and spontaneous seating if you should happen to be in your garage for any length of time.

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