Effects of criminal conviction on New York medical license

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Many people being charged with any kind of crime usually carries with it a large set of some usual evils: for example, fines, stigma of criminal record and long time imprisonment. But on the other hand, such as licensed professionals, they suffer more. That’s why I will reveal some important aspects in this post about New York physicians who may face the troubles of being convicted of a serious crime.


Disciplinary actions by OPMC:

It is quite certain that any New York physician convicted of a serious crime will definitely face different types of disciplinary actions against their medical license. Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) is the respectable agency responsible for disciplining all New York physicians. There are a few ways this agency finds out about the doctor’s criminal conviction.

  • First of all, New York Criminal Procedure Law always requires the New York probation department to properly report all the convictions of professional licensees to the disciplinary agencies. These disciplinary reports are sent almost by every three months.
  • Second thing is, prosecutors or some other sources can inform the OPMC about criminal prosecution.
  • And lastly, during this complex license renewal process the licensee is always carefully required to disclose all the important facts related to the criminal background.

Well, it is also commonly believed that some prosecutions related to the medicinal practice will always result in some professional discipline. But that is not true. The fact is, any kind of criminal conviction for any small or big criminal act is referred to as a professional misconduct.

How to protect your license?

Now the question is how someone could protect his professional license and continue his medical practice? What is the simplest way to tackle the things accurately? The answer is very simple, he can hire reliable professional license defense attorney who will guide him efficiently and help winning the case in short time period. It would be a best act to save your reputation as well as to protect your license.

Bottom line:

It is always recommendable to any person who is under criminal investigation to seek some legal counsel as soon as he can. He should be careful in this regard, providing any personal or professional information to the investigators team. For all the doctors and licensed professionals, it is more crucial and advisable. So make wise decision in proper time and make sure the things are going all good regarding your legal affair.

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