Electric Garage Doors: Automated Mechanism for Vehicle Safety

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An electric garage door is operated by an electric motor, also known as a garage door opener. Garage doors can either be very large or small, the large ones being made from many joined panels that roll up to the ceiling of the garage and the small ones made from a single panel that tilts up across the ceiling of the garage. The electric door operating mechanism is spring balanced to take the load off the door and reduce the motor effort to operate it. Electric garage doors are available in a variety of materials like metal, wood and fiberglass and can also be designed to slide or move horizontally.

Electric garage door

Types of electric garage door opener mechanisms

The four most common types of electric garage door opener mechanisms are classified according to the use of screws, chains, belts and torsion spring and the decision for the most suitable garage door depends on factors like noise generation, price and maintenance requirements. Since garages also provide a great space for storage of sparsely required household items apart from vehicle storage, a choice of insulation is also available. Many homeowners are nowadays using their garage spaces for playroom, gym, workshop and home office and are thus opting for insulated electric garage doors in order to maintain temperature control.

Common types of electric garage doors

  • Canopy and Retractable Electric Doors

The canopy and retractable types are somewhat similar with a slight difference in their mode of function. While the retractable types are single piece solid doors that are designed to move upward and fuse with the ceiling of the garage completely, the canopy variety does not retract completely into the ceiling space as they extend out a little when opened. Retractable electric doors are more preferred because they fully disappear into the roof space of the garage.

  • Roller and Sectional Electric Doors

Sectional electric garage doors comprise of many segments hinged together which rise up using a rail set. They are popular as they do not require much space and are available in a variety of styles. These can also be insulated at many levels. While sectional door require rails, roller garage doors are devoid of rail sets and are made of rectangular segments that roll up with the help of a roller and fuse into the roof of the garage. Due to this mechanism, they require even lesser amount of space, however, for homeowners looking for design options, this variety of electric doors are not suitable for them.

Advantages of Electric Garage Doors

The popularity of automated garage doors is due to a number of reasons. The key benefits of electric garage doors are:

  • Electric garage doors are reliable and more convenient to use as compared to traditional manually operated doors.
  • Can be operated by a remote control, hence no need to step out of the vehicle for operating the door.
  • Variety of options available for opening and closing mechanisms with varying speed to suit individual requirements.
  • High on safety as most electric door systems are equipped with laser beams that enable immediate halt of the door if something is detected in the way. Suitable for households with children or pets as the above mentioned feature eliminates the chances of getting hurt to a considerable extent.
  • Easy to maintain and a little repair work on a regular basis helps keep the door in good condition.

Electric garage doors can be simple and modern and homeowners are presented with a variety of options if their budget allows so. People who do not want a basic steel garage door can opt for the grand wooden carved doors.

Electric garage doors also feature elongated and raised paneling with windows in Tudor, Winsor and Georgian styles for added beautification. Click here to get more information.

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